Tuesday, January 15, 2019

To Become One of the Family

Thanks to Cody, Stevie’s been able to tackle the annoying and unwelcomed abomination commonly referred to as puberty with tact. Well, as much tact as one can expect from a 13 year old boy.Cody helped him understand what was happening, and gave him a good base to learn from. Cody later told Stevie that Google was his friend and to not be scared to use it. 

With that, Stevie began to understand and feel more comfortable with what was going on. He wasn't in as poor of a mood, was as happy and smiley as a boy undergoing all the changes and shifts in hormones can be. Stevie was feeling confident with himself growing into a man, and was looking forward to being more like his big brother.

Stevie's interaction with Cody gave him the confidence he needed to feel proud of himself. Watching his big brother jerk off in front of him and show him the way, the weight Cody lifted off his shoulders and finally feeling how it is to be a man, in more ways than one, helped Stevie a lot. It helped him feel confident, willing and even excited. More complete. This lead to him having his first girlfriend. Her name was Sabrina. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Pill

“Oh, how did it feel?”

“How does what feel?”

“Uh, the... thing you just mentioned?"

"Oh! The pill?" Sven confirmed, looking away from his locker for a moment. Jordan nodded his pink head, hoping for clarification. 

"Well... let's walk through this. First, you put it in your mouth, and swallow. Although, I don't think you need me to walk you through that-"

"Listen here, you dipshit!" Jordan tried to sound serious, but even he found the comment to be comedic, even though it was pretty low hanging fruit, and sort of rude. "I don't need your sass!"

Sven smirked as he looked through his locker. He shook his head and closed the locker, swinging his bag around. He turned to Jordan and opened his mouth to continue. 

"Okay, well once you swallow it like a bad girl, you then feel really tingly and proud of yourself, at least until the spanking. But, you'll feel it stuck in the back of your mouth, the taste won't-"

"Sven, shut the fuck up! I'm serious!" Jordan said a bit annoyed, but still smiling. He rested his head against the locker and looked at Sven's pleasant appearance. Sven rubbed his chin as he laughed, and inadvertently showing off his bulging biceps in his tight white shirt, and tilted his head, smiling his charming smile. Jordan always found himself feeling more comfortable when Sven smiled sincerely. 

"Okay, okay. So-" Sven began, when he felt a tug on his arm. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Camp Hardwood Day 6: Why Can't We Get Along?

Be sure to read Day Five first! It's posted below this one! (Or click Day Five!)

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Be sure to make sure you read Day Five first!

I don't have any idea how much sleep I got, if I got any sleep. All I know is I closed my eyes, and the next thing I knew


I opened my eyes as I was looking down at the darkness of my bed. I knew right then and there, that I was in no shape to get up and interact with anything other than my bed. But, I felt that I didn't have much of a choice, so I closed my eyes and rolled out of bed. 

And I mean that too, I actually rolled out of bed. I fell on the floor and lied there, hoping I could stay there for the rest of the day. 

"Cevin, are you okay?" I heard over me. I opened my eyes, grimaced at the sharp light coming through the window and saw the outline of a boy, whose shape slowly morphed into Cameron's. 

"Cevin, are you okay?" He asked again. I groaned and rolled onto my side and slowly pushed up. I felt Cameron hold onto me, helping me to my feet. If I was more aware, I would've pushed him away, but I was taking all the help I could get. 

"Cevin." I heard again. I was turned to face him and looked at him, tiredly and completely disconnected. 

"Are you okay? Did you sleep at all?" 

Camp Hardwood Day 5: Washing Away

Last part of the original 5! New content coming soon :)

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It was good to wake up looking forward to something and things going the way you expect them to.  

Breakfast was really nice. Talked to Cameron, smiled, laughed and joked. Friendly stuff, you know the works.

Right after breakfast, the counselors split us up into groups.

"Cameron and Cevin, you're with me for a bit." Diego said with a smile.

"Kick ass." I said, getting Cameron to laugh.

We split off in a direction down a dirt path and Diego asked "So... what do you guys want to do?"

Me and Cameron looked at each other, wondering if the other had the answer. It was another really nice and warm day. I'd be down to do anything really, especially with Diego and Cameron. Both of them were really chill, funny guys, and I was really digging both of them at the moment. Me and Cameron were getting along so well, and I've started... looking up to Diego. Was feeling really sentimental at this point in camp. Everything felt like it was going perfectly. 

"So, any ideas?" I asked Cameron.

"Uhhhh... I'm down with just a walk I think." Cameron said contently.

I nodded. "Me too. Can we just go for a walk?" I asked towards Diego, who was in front, his head tilted towards us.

"Yeah sure. Relaxing, hopefully." Diego said laughing.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Christmas Story with Kenny and Chloe

Merry Christmas Guys! I grew inspiration to give my friends a nice holiday themed gift, and here it is! This was a very last second decision, I hope there aren't any too many silly mistakes. 

More content should be coming soon! Stay warm and enjoy yourselves. It's Christmas time! :)

Kenny and Chloe were in the basement, killing time until bedtime on this particular Christmas Eve. Kenny was 12, and Chloe was 9, and the two siblings got along pretty well. They still got annoyed with each other, sometimes bothering the other intentionally just because they’re bored and are looking for some excitement. Normally, it’s Kenny being the annoying one. Picking on Chloe, saying semi-mean things to get a reaction out of her. Sometimes throwing things. But it was rarely done with malicious intent. Kenny always just liked messing around with his little sister. Plus, Chloe enjoyed and even looked up to her big brother. He's strong and playful, and Chloe always liked having him around her. It's how it's always been. 

Kenny got up off the couch in the basement and looked at his little sister, who was playing a game on her phone. She was wearing Christmas Pajamas their parents got them last year. Kenny and Chloe always get matching Christmas themed Pajama’s to wear on Christmas eve and Day. The one’s they’re wearing right now had white and green striped pants, and a green long sleeve shirt. The shirt even had a stitched in red collar, making the kids look like little elves. It's a Christmas tradition to wear last years this year, then switching on Christmas day. It's like a rite of passage into the new year. And even without that sentimentality, the outfit was really light and easy to wear. The pants were the type to stick to you, rather than hang, so they kept you warm too! So, the kids loved to wear them each year. 

“What game are you playing, Chloe?” Kenny asked.

Without even looking up, Chloe responded. “Leave me alone, I need to focus on this game.”

Kenny frowned and looked around for entertainment. He was bored and it wasn’t bedtime yet. He had to find something to do to pass the time, but Chloe was ignoring him. He turned back to his sister, and continued to pester her.

“Come on! I’m bored!”

“Then go upstairs, leave me alone Kenny!”

Kenny walked up and playfully, yet rudely, grabbed his little sisters phone and got himself ready to run away from her with a smile on his face.

“Kenny! Give me that back!”

“Gotta catch me first!”

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


"So, Class! Who here is familiar... with this game... called 'Fortnite'?" Mr. Wild asked his class. The entire class raised their hands. Mr. Wild's blue eyes grew wide with a smile as his head nodded approvingly.

"A class of taste, I see!"

"Mr. Wild, is it really tasteful to be familiar with the most popular cross-platform multiplayer game? That feels more-"

"Yes! It is Mister Blake! It shows that we have enough... knowledge, and ability to be able to become aware... of the important things in life!" Mr. Wild answered Liam.

"Of course. The finer things, like Fortnite, Doritos and Mountain Dew Voltage!" Liam exclaimed.

"Exactly! Add in some ice cream and my dog, and you've described my Saturday night!" Mr. Wild added shamelessly.

"Wow." Liam replied. His blue eyes were wide, and he was taken aback by those words, which were so brave, yet so bold.

"What kind of dog do you have?" Cody asked.

"A pug! Her name is Palmeira."

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Camp Hardwood Day 4: Group Balls

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans! A great day for America, and thus, for the rest of the world!

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So, the next day came, and we woke up as normal. I woke up feeling a bit... embarrassed, I think. I didn't want to look at Cameron, or see him, or anyone for that matter, and I really didn't want anyone to look at me. I quickly got myself together, putting on a comfortable pair of jeans and a white tee. Without saying anything to anyone, I walked and waited in the communal area. Slowly, everyone piled in, and Diego waited for the full 8 of us. Cameron and Aaron were talking, then Monica came in and sat next to them. 

Diego told us that it's our day, we do whatever we want, chill with whoever. Just try to be back before dinner. I looked around, and I saw everyone pick out their groups. Tim and Diane were talking to Diego, the Twins joined them shortly afterwards. Aaron, Cameron and Monica were laughing, and seemed to settle with each other. So, just like school, I was the only one without a group. 

Everyone started piling out, but Cameron saw me by myself before the 3 of them left. He motioned to them that he'll be right out. They nodded, Monica and me making eye contact. She then said something to Cameron, but Cameron shoo'd her away. 

Cameron walked, trying to look like he wasn't walking towards me, rubbing his messy red hair. Lifting his red t-shirt slightly, showing off just a tad bit of skin above his grey sweats. I sat there, feeling unsure, but stuck in place. He looked at me looking at him, then I naturally attached to his green eyes.