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Eric and Adam - Part 1: Best Friends

An anonymous friend was working with an AI (linked here) and was able to make their own story with it! They did a lot of editing and directing the AI, so this is really his own story that I'm sharing here. I went over it a bit to touch up somethings and I love the result! It feels really fresh and exciting, so huge shout out to my friend for working so hard on this and letting me share it! 


I'm sure you guys will love this :)  


The rest of this story will come out in a few weeks, so be sure to check this blog more regularly! Things will be a bit more active here for a little bit :)




Eric and Adam are hanging out in their shared apartment. It's a cosy two bedroom place, but the only mess-free zone in the entire apartment is Eric’s room. They've been roommates for a year and friends for around three years. Eric doesn't mind cleaning up after Adam, but he frequently badgers Adam to keep the place clean.


It is late afternoon on a Saturday, Eric is wearing grey shorts and a white tee. Adam is wearing sweats and a black tank top. But it’s a warm day, and Adam is feeling it. He promptly removes the sweats to throw them into a pile of clothes next to the couch. 


“Dude, you're such a mess!" Eric says, pushing Adam a bit, as they sit side by side on the couch. 


"Why don't you ever pick up after yourself?" 


Adam groans, laughing as he pushes himself back up, but says nothing otherwise. Eric groans.


"Oh, come on! It's not that hard," Eric continues, pointing at a pile of clothes on the floor. "You could at least throw those in the hamper or something." 


Adam rolls his eyes, feeling a bit annoyed by Eric's constant nagging. "Oh, please! You're the messiest person I know! At least I can admit it," he lies, knowing it will annoy Eric. "Besides, it's not like you're perfect or anything." As Adam says this, he sits up, pulling a leg up and spreading the other further away, bumping into Eric with his leg. 


There's a moment of silence as Eric takes this in. He looks at Adam, the 23 year-old stud, legs wide open on the couch, one leg bumping his and the other swaying gently. Eric can't help but admire his friend's physique. Adam is 6'4" and muscular, with broad shoulders and toned arms. He has dark hair that falls over his eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. His toned thighs are strong enough to suffocate someone, and they frame his ample bulge perfectly. Eric’s seen Adam’s bulge before, but he has never complained about the view. In red briefs, Eric can see the outline of Adam’s manhood clearly and as usual, he is not disappointed. 


"Oh yeah?" Eric finally says, trying to play it cool and pushing his leg back into Adam’s. "And what makes you think I'm not perfect?"


Saturday, February 17, 2024

Avatar the Last Airbender: Critical Hit 3 - Bonding and Honor

This story has a part of another story I read awhile ago! Link here for the original. (Most of my story is orignial, but a flashback comes from here.)

ATLA: Critcal Hit 1 - Redux

ATLA: Critical Hit 2 - Lessons and Fun 


“Come on, Zuko!”

“That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. No.”

“But it’s for Aaang!” Sokka pleaded.

“I’m saying no for Aang! That isn’t what he needs. And that’s why I’m going to go back home to confront my Father!” Zuko exclaimed with a serious expression, up in Sokka’s face.

“Dude. Sparky.” Toph spoke up. “Do you really think what Twinkletoes needs is vengeance? He’s a vegetarian!”

Zuko raised his eyebrows and took a step back.

“Yeah!” Sokka jumped on. “He needs to move on! We’ve all been hit in the junk before. But Aang needs to know it’s nothing to cry about! It’s something to laugh about!” Sokka said with a smile, hands at his side.

“Smile about.” Zuko grimaced, looking down. “That never led to a smile back home.”

“Looks like it’s something you need to learn to smile about too, Sparky.” Toph said, approaching Zuko. “With a sister like yours, a memory like that might be one of the few things you can smile about!”

Zuko grimaced. “Me and Azula used to get along really well. But… things changed.” He said, looking away. Then turning back with a renewed determination, “But that’s not important right now! I’m not playing!”

“Come on! Aang will have more fun with you!” Sokka pleaded. “And I’m gonna do it with or without you.”

That seems to have caused Zuko some hesitation, looking down and considering. Sokka and Toph looked at each other with a shared grin. We got him!

“But… it’s so stupid.” Zuko said, looking up.

“Listen. That’s why it’s fun.” Sokka said with a smile, an arm around Zuko’s shoulder. “Plus. Don’t you want to get me back?” Sokka said.

“Get you back? For whaUGH!”

As Zuko looked confused, Sokka rocked a hand in and up towards Zuko’s lower midsection, swinging from down below. Sokka’s knuckles made healthy contact with Zuko’s meat and potatoes. The Exiled Prince Zuko’s eyes went out as he bent back and clutched his groin with a shocked expression. Then his mouth clenched with pain as he lowered towards the ground as pain rocked his core, and he felt it difficult to stand.

“Oooh! I’m soOOoO getting you back!” Zuko groaned, going through a wave of pain as he exclaimed his discontent. He stumbled and moaned out a little sickly before putting his head down and curling it in. With a grimace, he looked back up at Sokka, who was smiling and sharing congratulations with Toph.

Zuko yelled out as he jumped up and started to chase Sokka with a hand still clutching his crotch. Sokka shrieked out and ran away from Zuko, who was much quicker than Sokka thought he would be, post nut-tap. Then as Zuko started throwing fire bolts at Sokka’s feet, Sokka kicked it up a gear and screamed out again.

“No bending, no fair! No bending, no fair!”  

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Avatar The Last Airbender: Critical Hit 2 - Lessons and Fun

Hello, everyone! I meant to post this earlier, but I have a few stories waiting to get posted, so I gotta get them out there. There's one more story coming after this, so stay tuned!


ATLA: Critcal Hit 1 - Redux



Ever since Aang saved the world and defeated Fire Lord Ozai, he hasn’t been the same. And not in a good way; after Fire Lord Ozai forcibly relinquished his bending, he made sure to get his kicks in. Literally.

While Aang’s back was turned, the Fire Lord crushed the young Avatar’s balls with two devastating kicks, exerting all of his adult, fiery fury. Aang did not expect this and was completely helpless and writhing in pain on the border of consciousness as Sokka found him and brought him back. Then as Katara healed him and brought him back, he relieved his trauma and unearthed some memories as an air nomad, which caused Aang to question things; what’s the point of being good when people laugh at this terrible pain, good or bad? And when this can hurt so, so much… Aang didn’t know the point of fighting. Does respect and honor even matter?


It was a traumatic couple of days for Aang, and Katara was soft and delicate with him as a result. She already had tender feelings for Aang, and after his story and seeing the pain he was in, she’s been softer and treated him more delicately. Which on one hand, was kind and done to benefit Aang but it also emasculated him even more. Even more emasculating than attacking his manhood made him feel, to some extent.

Aang wasn’t made to feel any better when after a day, Toph and Sokka started to make light of his condition.

“112 years old, and never got hit in the balls before!”

“Oh, how I wish I could really see Twinkletoes right now!”

“Ha! You’re not missing much. He’s just curled up and grumpy!”

“Sounds like a baby nephew after they wake up from their nap! Come on twinkletoes, you’ve been resting all day, why are you still grumpy!?”

“Guys!” Zuko interrupted them. “It’s not funny, drop it.”

“Come on Sparky, relax. Or are we hitting too close to home?” Toph asked, tilting her head.

Zuko grimaced and huffed. He turned and walked away, not wanting to engage with this right now.

“Oh, it definitely hits too close to home. All guys get hit close to home sometimes! Especially with a sister like Azula.” Sokka shivered and moved a hand low to his thighs when he did so. “Poor Zuko…” Sokka’s face lowered, shaking his head in remembrance of a fallen brother, despite the brother frowning across from him.

“I’m right here, you know!”

“And I bet a brother like you Snoozles, got a bunch of stories that you deserved. Right, Sweetness?” Toph asked, smiling and turning towards Katara, who was busy trying to message Aang with her water.

“Yes, he does. Which is why I don’t understand!” Sokka said, dropping the water and turning around. Aang groaned and turned his back on his loud friends. “Why are you picking on Aang like this! He’s been through a lot!”

“Not more than you put me through.” Sokka pouted.

“And not more than I’m about to if you don’t shut up!” Katara threatened. Sokka shrieked and put some distance between himself and his angry sister.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

(Fan-fic) Invincible: The Sands, The Wingmen

Hey guys! New Story and it's a fan fiction of Invincible! I wrote this earlier in the week after watching the newest episode and decided to post it before the next episode drops very soon; I couldn't wait and I wanted to get this out there in celebration and more. I hope you guys enjoy :)


“I’m telling you, Mark. The Beach is the best place to be when you’re trying to forget about things and just have a good time!”

Mark Grayson smiled as he laid back on his thick, wet towel laid gracefully on the beautiful beach. The long, beautiful horizon ahead of him as the sun was pressing down on him and all from above. Beaming down, warming and bringing sweat upon his taut, white skin and sharp, handsome face. His strong human body, built like a healthy young man from up to and below his short and thin bathing shorts. And of course, between as well, which lay appetizingly soaked and tight against his healthy and viral curves. Mark Grayson laid back with his eyes closed, and lathered.

“No matter if you’re Gay or Straight, there’s something to love everywhere. Especially this time of year… a warm, clear weekend and everyone wants to have a good time. Sigh…” William Clockwell mused as he looked around, sitting up on his towel and smiling at all the hot boys around. He turned to his friend Mark, and looked over Mark’s body, eyeing the slab of tender meat under the blistering warmth of the beach. William's eyes hung over Mark for longer than he realized, daydreaming before he shook his head and laid back against his own towel.


“Ahhhh…” William let out, satisfied as he pressed his hands down by his lap. He pondered for a minute before continuing.


Monday, October 9, 2023

Avatar The Last Airbender: Critical Hit-Redux

Long time no see! I was asked by a friend to do some magic with a found fan-fiction story as linked to here. I decided that would be a good idea, and found myself satisfied with how it ended up! Hope you guys like it :)

The loud booming engines blared loudly overhead, ringing his sore, almost bruiseless but weakened frame, with the vibrations of an overpowering force. Inside the Avatar, closely approaching footsteps barely registered on the doorstep of his awareness. All the young, impression collection of elements, senses and sinew could feel was this intense, deep ache at it's core. But slowly, the male body become aware as sharp impressions bludgeoned Aang as he regretably rejoined the world of the living.


"You did it!", someone, possibly Sokka, yelled as he skid forward on his knees. "You should've seen yourself, it was amazing! You were all- ... Aang?"


"Aang! He's hurt!"


"Aang, talk to me! Aang!... What's on your face!?"


"We gotta get him to Katara, quickly!"

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Parasite: Part 1 - Eyes on the Family

Long time no see! I wanted to wait to share this until Part 2 was ready... but I decided to share this "early". And one of these days, I'll write a story without a novel of backstory first... but today is not that day!

Stay healthy and have fun guys. Take advantage of life while it's in front of you. There's enough to go around :)

Eli Harding couldn’t believe what his mom told him. He was used to his mom finding new “friends” and not being home too often. Usually busy with work and "work friends." It was just a fact of life and nothing to be ashamed of. She knew a lot of people and they sometimes helped out. Everyone needs help sometimes, right?

But this was the first time that she brought Eli with her. 

Who brings their son with them to get banged by some rich cock and balls? Is this some kind of fucking kink!? What the fuck Mom!!?? 

But she told him that he’d understand when he comes by to the Torres residence. And when he came by, he started to understand. This man had the biggest house he’d ever seen. It wasn’t even a house. It had a gate with a intercom, which you had to talk through to get buzzed and everything. The lawn was literally bigger than the 2 parks Eli knows combined and they could fit more than 5 of Eli’s neighborhood on this property. He’s never seen anything like it before. Was he El Chapo or something? 

Eli honestly thought this might've been a prank or something and this was some weird amusement park or whatever. Or maybe this really is some kink shit…

But then he saw Theo, in his pristine shirt and shorts, caramel eyes approaching them in croc’s comfortably. Eli was stunned. That was Theo Torres, a sophomore at his high school (junior after the summer ends) and the richest kid in school. Eli heard rumors about how rich Theo was… but holy fuck. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Snowglobe: Part 3 - Stains from the Tree

Snowglobe: Part 1 - Christmas

Snowglobe: Part 2 - Ripples form a Cope


Hunter waited patiently for Sam to get back, heard the window getting pulled up again and shook gently in bed; like a trained puppy hearing the door open. Hunter waited for Sam to take his clothes off and get into bed. Watching and waiting for Sam to get in, Hunter leaned his foot towards Sam’s and felt his cold skin. 


Sam turned at the feeling, putting his chest towards Hunter’s forehead and sighing. He moved his hand to Hunter’s head, rubbed his hair softly and rhythmically, but also clearly tired.  


Hunter didn’t say anything, lying there quietly as his brother comfortably rubbed his head. Hunter closed his eyes and drifted soothly, his brother’s warmth next to him along with the nicest head rub ever. 


After a few minutes, Hunter could tell that Sam was drifting to sleep. Hunter moved his leg up more into Sam’s, pressing leg to leg and adjusting his head. 


“So, how was it?”


“Mmm…” Sam moaned. 


“How was it? What’d you end up doing?” Hunter asked, wide awake. 


Sam groaned and sighed, stretching his arm out and turning his body to get more extension. 


“Mmm… it went fine…” Sam interrupted himself with a yawn and scratched his own head. 


“What’d you end up doing?” Hunter asked again.