Tuesday, November 13, 2018

More Videos, Volume Four

Two of my favorite things to do, are talk to myself and watch attractive guys get their balls broken, and their subsequent, immediate and unrestrained reaction. So, why not combine those two things? Everyone wins!

Monday, October 29, 2018

A Considerate Reappearance

Bit of a short one here. Hope you guys enjoy!

"Yeah man, I'm telling you. She has the biggest tits I've ever seen!"


"Dude, do you not believe me?" Sven asked sharply.

"It's not that. I just don't care. I'm fucking gay dude, I don't give a shit about her tits." Jordan replied, turning his colorful head to his stud of a friend, who may be trying to overcompensate.

"Whatever..." Sven said, looking back to the crowd. He then thought of something.



"You remember Greg, right?

"Uhhh... that poor freshman whose balls you've claimed ownership over just because, right?"


Sven's mind filled with Greg at the moment, still remembering his young and unrefined features, that are somewhat charming in a youthful way. He then remembered exactly how those small freshman balls felt in his hand, under his knee, and how that cute face contorted in terror. How his skinny, freshman body was curled up in defense and writhed in a pain he couldn't do anything about. Sven enjoyed the feelings these thoughts gave birth to, and he wanted to reexperience them again. Sven wanted to find Greg

"I haven't seen him in too long. Let's go reintroduce ourselves."

Sunday, October 7, 2018

New Blog: The Thrill of Domination

So, some of you, but not all, may know that there is a cool new blog that's come about, called The Thrill of Domination, which instantly spiked my interest. 

I was a tad worried going in, that it would be focused around F/M, which I do NOT mind at all, but there are already a bunch of those. This blog however, focuses on the much more niche market of M/M domination. 

That's not to say that it'll be M/M focused, as I don't believe that's specifically mentioned, but it's NOT F/M focused. 

Here's a description 

There are some guys who want to rule over others, no matter what it takes. Honesty, sportsmanship and integrity are nothing to them. They just seek power and control, and their main aim in life is to humiliate and degrade the other males to establish their supremacy. These guys are dominators and this blog is about them 

Very exciting, and I am so much looking forward to keeping myself up to date with this blog. 

I love it when a guy throws the rules and sportsmanship out the window in order to control another guy. Making a boy melt into a pathetic pulp of tears, and keeping him in place, down and completely vulnerable, is so hot. I cannot get enough of it! And when that person holding them down is someone that's hot and totally capable of handling them without such underhanded tactics, but still resort to them anyways just because they can, makes it even better. 

This blog is all about that, both with exciting original stories and great, hot videos with fun and easy to understand comments. 

To anyone who enjoys my work, you'd probably get something awesome out of this blog too. 

Don't forget to check it out!

And, don't forget to check out my most recent stories!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Stevie Wondered and Yearned: A Brotherly Learning Experience

Ever since Paul came over, Stevie’s changed. He began to think twice before busting Cody, which was never the case before. Whenever Stevie's been bored, or looking for a pick-me up, he always knew he could go to Cody...'s balls. 

Stevie loved busting his brother's balls. The way they felt under his bare feet, inside and around his small bony hands. The funny faces and weird noises Cody would make. All of it came together to help Stevie feel awesome, no matter what. 

But one thing never really clicked with Stevie when it came to busting Cody's balls. He just never understood how it affected Cody. The first time he ever really understood how Cody feels when his fun bags get mangled, was when Paul was over and Cody pleaded with him. 

"...Stevie please. I'm your brother. Why are you hurting me so bad?"

Those words echoed in Stevie's young mind for weeks. He hadn't busted his big brother Cody once since that day. 

Over Stevie's 13 years alongside his older brother, Stevie never felt bad seeing Cody get busted, or even busting him himself, which only really began relatively recently. His young, inexperienced mind never gave the act more thought other than it's fun. He always saw his Mom and Dad bust Cody. And if Mom and Dad always did it... then it can't be that bad, right? He never thought it really hurt Cody too much, especially since Stevie himself has never been busted. He doesn't know how it feels. Stevie doesn't know a lot of things. 

Stevie also doesn't know what's going on with himself, at the moment. He's 13, and 13 year old boys have a tendency to change a lot. He's been much hungrier, his clothes are getting tighter on him. He's growing hair in places he's never had it before. His body is changing, and he's starting to feel differently too. He's been looking at the boys and girls in his class differently. He's been thinking about them more, and in different ways then he has before, which is strange to him. Stevie's also really taken a liking to this one girl in his class.

Stevie's also noticed he's been more moody too. And what Stevie used to do when he's felt upset, is bust Cody. But he doesn't want to anymore, the idea makes him feel ugly. And whenever he wants to feel better and Cody comes to mind, it just makes him feel worse because it reminds him of everything he did before to his sweet older brother. 

Stevie is going through a lot and doesn't know how to deal with any of it. He's frustrated, and feels alone. 

Cody's realized that his brother changing. He's noticed his brother's voice has gotten deeper. It's hard to tell since he lives with him everyday, but when he heard Stevie yell from another room, he realized he didn't have any idea who it was at first. 

Cody's noticed Stevie's getting closer to his own height, and Cody's felt that his brother's been in a worse mood. This would normally worry Cody, as that would mean that his balls are in grave danger. But Stevie hasn't busted him since that day Paul stopped by. In an odd manner, the lack of nut shots has worried Cody. He's starting to feel like there's something wrong with his little brother. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Camp Hardwood Day 3: Good Thing I'm Not A Cat

Day Zero
Day One
Day Two


"Rise and Shine!"

Day 3. I woke up sporting a mean headache. I never had a migraine, but I assumed it felt like how I felt waking up that day. It was like my brain was pushing against my skull, trying it's best to get away from me. And for the 1 second I opened my eyes, the rays of light were piercing way too loudly, and I didn't understand how I could ever feel differently. 

I heard some rumbling and conversation going on, but I kept my eyes closed and hoped if I held onto my body pillow, the only source of comfort I had at the moment, everything else would fuck off. Someone put their hand on my shoulder after I ignored everyone for too long.

"Cevin, time to get up man." It sounded like Cameron. I just made a noise and kept my eyes closed while holding my body pillow tighter.

"Come on man." I heard.

... I continued to ignore.


“Please leave me alone.” I groaned into my pillow.

“...is everything ok?” Cameron asked lowly.

I sighed and held my pillow tighter. I really didn’t want to talk right then and there. I don’t think it had anything to do with Cameron personally, but I was just straight not feeling well. My head was pulsating, and I was really annoyed that I said leave me alone and he didn’t listen. I lied there, boiling in discomfort and stuffed up rage, waiting for him to ignite me so I can explode on him. 

But, I felt him move away and knew that I wasn’t going to be able to yell at him. I don’t know why I wanted to yell at him, but I did. It was almost disappointing, as I was getting amped up for the action. 

As I lied there, I began to find my bearings through my throbbing headache. I began to feel bad, remembering yesterday, specifically last night. I felt like a bit of an ass for acting the way I did a couple minutes ago. It didn’t make me feel any better. Gah.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Camp Hardwood Day 2 (Rewrite): Virgo Roshambo

Day Zero
Day One


"Rise and Shine! You guys have a obligation to fulfill!" Alexa proclaimed with enthusiasm that rubs you the wrong way after you just wake up. I started to understand Cameron's response yesterday morning the more I thought about it. I'm convinced morning people aren't people. 

The 4 of us moaned like zombies and acted the part, as we got up slowly with tired groans, knowing full well what's ahead of us and our balls.

"Fuck man..." I heard Tim say. "Fuck this shit, I don't wanna throw up today."

Eventually, we all got up and got ourselves ready and there was an aura of 'This is going to hurt' sitting in the air. I put on jeans with a black tee, Aaron put on nice green jeans with a white tee. His jeans looked really nice, I thought they were probably expensive. Cameron put on grey sweats with a white tee, and Tim put on normal jeans with a wife beater, sleeveless tee. His arms looked huge, and I was glad he chose to show them off. I liked the look everyone was bringing into today's activities. Everyone looked cute, and I even felt a little bit excited, watching everyone get ready. 

As ready as we were gonna get, and with Tim and Cameron holding their crotches, the four of us all talked together before we all left.

"So, we all gonna go easy on each other right?" Tim worriedly asked. Tim appeared to value not being in nauseating agony over the enjoyment of watching your peers be in nauseating agony. I mean I get it, but he's on his own boat here.

"Uh, no? Play to win!" I replied.

"Nah man, don't be like that." Tim responding in a pleading tone.

"If we don't play to win, the girls might just get angry and make it worse for us." Cameron said behind me. I didn't try to put on any face as I turned my smile around and saw Cameron looking past me, right at Tim. I looked back at Tim, now trying to hide my smile a bit, and it looked like Tim was giving the idea some thought. It was a good point, he obviously didn't want to take anymore than he had to. Might as well just go out and hopefully get it over with. Cameron knew what point to bring up to get the desired outcome. Cameron's actually pretty intelligent, at least I think so. 

Tim let out a defeated sigh then shook his head. "Fine, fine. But I'm not having breakfast! I don't want to throw it up right afterwards." Tim said, getting a laugh out of us.

None of us had breakfast that morning.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Camp Hardwood Day 1 (Rewrite): Two Balls and a Bat

AHHHHHH... It feels SO AWESOME to finally publish this! I hope you guys enjoy! And, thanks for reading :)

I wake up to the noise of a horn. A very loud horn.


“What the fuck is that?” I heard Tim say, both of us still very groggy.

I heard Cameron faintly from my side, “I’ve no fucking idea, but it just woke me up from an amazing dream.”

I opened my eyes and saw Cameron lying in bed as my head was lying on my body pillow. He’s on his stomach, but his face was tilted towards me. I would of thought he was still asleep if I didn't hear him groggily mumble. And he was looking so damn adorable. Lying in bed, eyes closed. Bed head. He looked so delicate… like a baby. I was thinking really kindly about him, I woke up with a smile. 

“Wakey Wakey!” We heard as the door opened. I flipped over and saw Josh.

“Big day ahead of us! Get ready, and meet up in the living room when you guys are ready. Wear something you don’t mind getting dirty in!” Josh said, leaving us in the room.

“Fuuuuccckk…” I groaned aloud. I really didn’t like getting up. I’m terrible in the morning.