Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Into the Caverns Part One: Cedric and Thomas

"Keep your eyes open! We don't know what's in here."

"Don’t worry Brother, I’ll keep you safe from the droplets of water.”

"Must you mock me?"

"You cannot give a lion a meal, and not expect it to be devoured."

"Oh? Am I the meal, in this self-serving metaphor?

"No, you're the chef. Your decisions and vocabulary, are the meal."

"My vocabulary is my decision, Cedric."

"Yes but, they're both ridicu-"

"Stop it! We must focus!"

The steel staff was under Thomas' firm, focused grip. Thomas tried to shake his head of his older brother's antics. He hates how even out here by themselves, Cedric must act as if he's impressing some girls during practice. Thomas couldn't believe Cedric even convinced him to wander out here.

"You must, relax Tommy, we-"

"You know I don't like to be called that!" Thomas spat as he slapped his brother's shoulder with his staff.

"Be careful with that!" Cedric cried out. "I don't want you to turn me into a toad in here, of all places!"

"Don't be a fool! That's not how staffs work. They're an empowering medium through which I can augment the essence of the magic within me."

"And you ask why I mock you."

"You asked a stupid question!"

"It wasn't a question, you -"

"Be quiet!"

"We're fine! There's-

"I hear something, be quiet!"

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Camp Hardwood Day 10: What Goes Around Comes Around

Hey guys! New part, and this one's a bit different. But stick with me. Next few parts should make up for it, whenever they come around. The rest is falling in place, but the ending is still a mess, so I still need to sort that out. 

But, for my Northern Hemisphere friends, it's Summer! Back in the Camp spirit haha. I hope you guys are feeling it :)

I'm considering putting out a part of a different story soon, just for those who aren't too attached to this storyline. And it would be completely different, not a part of any of the established universes on this blog to this point. I've been working on some different ideas recently, and really digging them. But, we'll see how the wind blows. 

Enjoy, guys! :)

Day Zero


I woke up feeling… good. I felt good. Was still hurting downstairs, but I could walk at a somewhat brisk pace. So that was great. It wasn't too awkward when I looked at Cameron either. I still wasn't sure about making prolonged eye contact, but I felt fine with him around. And that's enough, right?

"Wait, don't we get to pick today's activity?" Tim asked as we were all getting ready. I entirely forgot until he mentioned it.

"Yeah... I think we do. Got any ideas?" Cameron asked.

"Something that doesn't involve me doing anything but sit there, please." I asked. I really wanted to stay safe and lazy. 

"That can be arranged. How about-" Aaron started off.

"Wait, this is a special occasion! The girls always picked something that focused on us being guys, so now, we need to pick something that focuses on them being girls! Something sexy, you know?" Tim said. Tim had me at first, but then kinda drifted away at the end there. I don't think he realized we were like 70% gay as a group. Or something like that.

"Uhhh... like what, lap dances?" Cameron asked.

"Perfect! Today's activity will be lap dances!" Tim said excitedly.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Camp Hardwood Day 9: Karma Payment Plan

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Day Eight


I woke up. Gingerly got out of bed. Neither me nor Cameron made eye contact. I'm not sure what would have happened if we did. 

When I was sure no one was paying me any attention, I took a look at my balls, and they were pretty swollen and a strange color that I didn't like to look at. It made me feel even worse. I put them away before anyone saw anything. I didn't want to have to talk to anyone.

Breakfast ended, and none of us boys said anything. That was when I remembered that the girls are going to get to pick the activity after breakfast was over. It was a very sudden realization, and it made my vision and insides go all screwy. It made me push away the plate and nearly faint. I was feeling so terrible already, and then I just remembered that it's very likely going to get so much worse. God knows what the girls were going to have in store, and I was in no shape to bend to their abuse. I was sick, sad, and already defeated. I wanted to vomit.  

Soon, time ran out and we were asked to gather got the activity. It felt like a death march for us boys, and I was sweating as we walked to wherever we were supposed to be. 

"So... we talked about it..." A twin spoke.

"...And we decided... to have a contest..." The other twin continued.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Camp Hardwood Day 8: Jeopardy

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I woke up first and I saw Cameron in his bed. He was sleeping when I walked in last night. If he wasn't, he didn't let on any differently, thankfully. I got ready without looking at him, and he didn't try to get my attention.  

Breakfast was awkward, I didn't talk to anyone or pay much attention. I felt disconnected. I felt like shit, and like an idiot, and I was angry. And just generally 'why did I come to this stupid camp?'

After breakfast, it was time for our next activity. It was Jeopardy. You know, that game show? Random as shit, but whatever. It was Boys vs. Girls, and the winning team gets to pick tomorrow's activity. Happy happy. Joy. Joy.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Camp Hardwood Day 7: Cherry Tree

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So I woke up without a headache, which was good. I didn't need to wake up with a headache to feel like shit. I was doing that all by myself.

Cameron didn’t say anything to me. Not that I blame him, but I’m pretty sure I would’ve talked to him if he tried again. I didn't want to impose on him, so I didn't make the first step. But when he left the room without talking to me, it did bother me. It's weird, because I didn't expect him to try and talk to me anyways. But, it still hurt when I realized he wasn't going to.

Breakfast happened, I guess. Don't remember anything concrete, was tired and caught up in my thoughts. Again, I was hoping Cameron would say something to wake me up, but he never did. But what happened next woke me up.

"Cevin..." Diego said. There was something extra in his voice when he called my name. I guess he was holding onto something. 

 ...and the twins... you guys are with me today." 

Oh boy, oh boy. I knew then that Day 7 was going to be something. The ballbusting twins and the homophobe, who sounded like he was holding a hard, throbbing dispute against me. Which I felt was unpleasant, and bordering on abuse to be honest.  

It might sound like I took this lightly, but I did not. Diego has only looked at me to look nasty, and the twins had no reason to be gentle with me. I did not expect to be treated kindly. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

To Become One of the Family

Thanks to Cody, Stevie’s been able to tackle the annoying and unwelcomed abomination commonly referred to as puberty with tact. Well, as much tact as one can expect from a 13 year old boy.Cody helped him understand what was happening, and gave him a good base to learn from. Cody later told Stevie that Google was his friend and to not be scared to use it. 

With that, Stevie began to understand and feel more comfortable with what was going on. He wasn't in as poor of a mood, was as happy and smiley as a boy undergoing all the changes and shifts in hormones can be. Stevie was feeling confident with himself growing into a man, and was looking forward to being more like his big brother.

Stevie's interaction with Cody gave him the confidence he needed to feel proud of himself. Watching his big brother jerk off in front of him and show him the way, the weight Cody lifted off his shoulders and finally feeling how it is to be a man, in more ways than one, helped Stevie a lot. It helped him feel confident, willing and even excited. More complete. This lead to him having his first girlfriend. Her name was Sabrina. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Pill

“Oh, how did it feel?”

“How does what feel?”

“Uh, the... thing you just mentioned?"

"Oh! The pill?" Sven confirmed, looking away from his locker for a moment. Jordan nodded his pink head, hoping for clarification. 

"Well... let's walk through this. First, you put it in your mouth, and swallow. Although, I don't think you need me to walk you through that-"

"Listen here, you dipshit!" Jordan tried to sound serious, but even he found the comment to be comedic, even though it was pretty low hanging fruit, and sort of rude. "I don't need your sass!"

Sven smirked as he looked through his locker. He shook his head and closed the locker, swinging his bag around. He turned to Jordan and opened his mouth to continue. 

"Okay, well once you swallow it like a bad girl, you then feel really tingly and proud of yourself, at least until the spanking. But, you'll feel it stuck in the back of your mouth, the taste won't-"

"Sven, shut the fuck up! I'm serious!" Jordan said a bit annoyed, but still smiling. He rested his head against the locker and looked at Sven's pleasant appearance. Sven rubbed his chin as he laughed, and inadvertently showing off his bulging biceps in his tight white shirt, and tilted his head, smiling his charming smile. Jordan always found himself feeling more comfortable when Sven smiled sincerely. 

"Okay, okay. So-" Sven began, when he felt a tug on his arm.