Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Big Balls Benny

First new story involving the boys from Saint Bernard High School! Hope you all enjoy!

Cody and Paul were talking outside of Saint Bernard High School. Classes ended, and most kids have left, or are in the process of leaving.

“I don’t care what you say Cody, Radiohead is the best band of our generation.”

“Paul, how can you say that when you know about Nirvana?” Cody responded.

“They were good, but they pale in comparison to Radiohead. I mean, yeah, Nevermind was a great album. Better than great. But they were around for a few years. Radiohead is still making amazing albums.”

“Quality over quantity, my friend.”

“And you’re saying Radiohead isn’t quality?! They have at least 5, unarguable amazing albums. From beginning to end!!” Paul replied, almost insulted.

“It’s very arguable actually.”

“Man, you just need to give them another listen.”

“I have, I have. Trust me Paul, I have. I just think they’re a bit overrated is all.” Cody said trying to reason with Paul.

An audible sigh left Paul’s mouth. He wished Cody had better sense.

“I can’t believe I choose to be seen with you…”

A laugh left Cody’s mouth.

“I know you love Radiohead. But different strokes for different folks Paul.” Cody spoke sweetly as he wrapped his arm around his friend.

Paul lit up, and moved his head to rest on Cody’s shoulder.

“How adorable.” Was heard from a short distance. Both Cody and Paul looked over and to see where the noise came from.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Update #2

I shouldn't even make a post about this, but I am because I want you guys to know the blog will not stay like this. Just saying that I touched up on the blog a bit. I really hope I'll be getting around to actually making it look nice soon. A proper background, not this shitty one. I'm kinda glad it's so crappy though, this way I'll feel more obligated to change the eyesore sooner rather than later. And everything else will hopefully be touched on eventually too. Formatting and whatnot. I just wanted to do something different for the new influx of stories. Change of scenery. Anyways, don't forget to check out the story I posted earlier, in case you haven't!

Click here for story!

Camp Hardwood: Day Zero

This is the first of a long series I've been working on! It involves entirely new characters, in first person. This is something I've been really happy with and been itching to publish. It's 14 days NOT including this introduction. So if you liked this, you are in luck! There will be one of these every month for a while. If you do not like it, I'm sorry but this is the way the cookie will crumble. If you'd prefer to read... not this, don't worry. You will get a bunch of stories that won't be about camp. Those will be scattered at my discretion. 

And here's a picture, my good friend Anonymous created just for this story. It's awesome and I thank you!

And please, feel free to leave any feedback! I'm really excited to publish everything and would love to know your guys opinions on it all. Welcome to Camp Hardwood! 

The air was warm and promising. I looked around and saw so many other kids my age. Boys and girls, all trying to get their feet wet. I was so SO excited. It's barely been a week since I left Camp Hardwood (Yes, this is the name of the camp. No, the humor is not lost on me), but I already know that it's such an important part of my life. I grew as a person and it harbors so many graphic memories, rich in emotion and color. I feel like I should write it down while it's still so vivid. And if you're reading this now, that means I felt like putting it out there in case someone would enjoy it. Which I imagine is you. And to you, please. Sit down. Grab a drink. Spread your legs, take your pants off. Or don't, it's up to you. But there is a lot to read, so get comfortable. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Update #1

So here is a quick update!

TLDR: First Wednesday of every month will be a new chapter of a story (as long as I have a chapter to publish). All other stories and posts will be uploaded at my discretion. Next story will be September 6th. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

A New Site has been added to the side bar!

I am pleased to spread the word on the following website. It is a M/M only Booru (Forum for images only categorized by specific tags.) It's for artwork ONLY. Busts in manga, fan-fic, or whatever else. Anyone can upload, anyone can visit. It has A LOT of AWESOME ballbusting images. Here is a screenshot of the page. (If you want to just ignore this post, here is the link.'s also on the side of the page where the rest of the blogs are if you're on the computer. If you're on mobile, I apologize for the terrible format still, I need to work on that.)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

More Music!

Here's another post with some of my favorite songs! And feel free to send me an email if you're feeling a particular song today. I'd love to hear it!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Results are in...

These are the results for the poll I put out labeled "Who do you want to read more about?"...

Justin - 14% (4)

Liam - 0% (0)

Sven - 3% (1)

Nate - 3% (1)

Jordan - 7% (2)

Paul - 22% (6)

Nick - 11% (3)

Cody - 37% (10)

Total - 27

First off... thank you to everyone who voted! I honestly didn't expect more than 10/15 votes if that, when I first put the poll out. So realizing that my exception's were doubled by you guys is great, and I'm glad to see some of you guys interact with this blog. 

As for the votes themselves, Cody and Paul combined to have over half (59%) of the vote! So that's really awesome, and I'm really happy to see you guys opinion fall in line with mine when I wrote these stories.  

Shout out to those unique individuals who voted for Nate and Sven. Way to be an individual!

And I'm sure Liam would be disappointed to know that no one voted for him... but I am not so thin skinned! I hope to change some of your guys minds as I publish more stories involving Liam. 

Thank you all for voting! And I'm really excited to see if your guys opinion changes as time goes on. As per usual, I welcome any feedback. Enjoy yourselves!