Monday, August 6, 2018

Camp Hardwood Day 1 (Rewrite): Two Balls and a Bat

AHHHHHH... It feels SO AWESOME to finally publish this! I hope you guys enjoy! And, thanks for reading :)

I wake up to the noise of a horn. A very loud horn.


“What the fuck is that?” I heard Tim say, both of us still very groggy.

I heard Cameron faintly from my side, “I’ve no fucking idea, but it just woke me up from an amazing dream.”

I opened my eyes and saw Cameron lying in bed as my head was lying on my body pillow. He’s on his stomach, but his face was tilted towards me. I would of thought he was still asleep if I didn't hear him groggily mumble. And he was looking so damn adorable. Lying in bed, eyes closed. Bed head. He looked so delicate… like a baby. I was thinking really kindly about him, I woke up with a smile. 

“Wakey Wakey!” We heard as the door opened. I flipped over and saw Josh.

“Big day ahead of us! Get ready, and meet up in the living room when you guys are ready. Wear something you don’t mind getting dirty in!” Josh said, leaving us in the room.

“Fuuuuccckk…” I groaned aloud. I really didn’t like getting up. I’m terrible in the morning.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Update: Camp Hardwood!

SO! This post is here so I can say somethings! Mainly surrounding Camp Hardwood, the storyline I postponed until further notice (THIS IS THAT NOTICE!)


Camp Hardwood Stories will be continuing soon, at random-ish intervals. Day 0 is unchanged, linked here but I deleted days 1 - 5. In the upcoming stories, some (debatably important) details change, so I'd recommend reading them!

I will be posting more sparingly, with classes starting up again soon

Thank you for reading! 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Good News is Always On it's Way

Sometimes, things don’t always go the way you want them to.

You carry on the monotonous pattern of everyday life. Waking up, readying up, moving, stopping. You go in with exceptions based on your own preconceptions. 

You expect the subway to be filled with people, who just like you, don't really want to be sitting on the smelly, and poorly kept four hundred ton screaming metal contraption piloted by a 'public servant' whose only two goal's appear to be keep their crap job of conducting a subway train, and inconvenience as many people as possible; the later, at which they are an expert in their field. 

Each person on this long, narrow and crowded locomotive go into the day, expecting the day to go a certain way... which means it would go exactly how someone else hoped it would've went for them the last time someone wanted the exact same thing as that person. And they would either be lucky, or they'd be disappointed. Both of which have happened before, and they are just another tally on one side or the other. 

Assuming you're grouped in the same empty blob of humanity as those experiencing life on a malnourished subway, you expect to be one of those who can, and should, be labeled, lucky, of course. 

Realistically, you expect the subway to move forward, stop, rumble, and occasionally break down as you wait for the subway to grow closer to where you expect to be. 

You also expect, unfortunately, for that black lady with a cart to continue to ramble to herself throughout the night whilst, thankfully, refraining from spontaneously comjuring into a piss stained mattress with an odor more rude than the one the homeless man who's, understandably selfishly, takien up 3 seats, is, unfashionably, giving off. 

You expect that the currently stalled subway train would eventually start up again and carry on the identical trek it goes on everyday so you can be where you expect yourself to be. 

You also expect to fail that test you took no more than 3 hours ago because you haven't the faintest of ideas why Sigmund Freud thinks everyone wants to fuck their own Mother. 

With these exceptions, we go into everyday with a sense of determination to accomplish what's asked of us in a way that's adequate enough to be deemed acceptable. We do this, because it's what we're supposed to do, because it's exactly what's been done by the people before us, and will be used as a mold for the people after us to follow. Because that's how society works, and even though everything changes, people never really change. 

Noah is having these particular thoughts on this particular day. 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Mr. Wild's English Class

New story! I'm pretty happy with this, and hope you guys enjoy it! 

“So...  class. Romeo and Juliet are a lot like... Kim Kardashian and Kayne West… in that… they are both lovers… and have... defined a generation." 

English class with Mr. Wild is always... interesting. He's a young teacher, pretty good looking, commonly with a strong full smile. Handsome face with comforting blue eyes, black hair and he always dresses very well. Often, with a suit and tie, which is more than what most teachers at Saint Bernard High School wear. But that isn't what makes Mr. Wild interesting. Not at all. 

"Romeo and Juliet are young lovers! And what's more sweet than young love?" 

Mr. Wild continued as most of the class boredly stared. Mr. Wild saw that the class wasn't paying too much attention, not even Cody, his star student.  

Mr. Wild raised his voice, and broke the mostly chill vibe of the room in an abrupt display of misguided engagement, "CODY, can you tell me!?" Mr. Wild exclaimed, pointing at now wide awake Cody, who sat in his seat, no more than 3 feet from Mr. Wild. 

Cody jumped at the sudden sound, and struggled to find the response Mr. Wild wanted.


"NOTHING! That's right Cody, NOTHING is more sweet than young love. And that's why Romeo and Juliet is still being talked about today... just like Kim and Kayne will be talked about years from now... hundreds of years!"

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A Shocking Interaction

“...I invoke the right of my blood ancestors, a line of great warriors! Warriors who were the ONLY to capture Rome, one of the greatest cities this world has ever KNOWN! I call upon the name of Brennus, the Chieftan of the Senones. Under the power, the will of my blood ancestors, and Brennus himself, I hereby, REFUSE to accept this deplorable trial! I request... A TRIAL BY COMBAT! BY WHICH, I WILL PROVE MY INNOCENCE BY VANQUISHING SUCH UNJUST ACCUSATIONS, CRUSHING THEM TO DUST, LIKE THE SKULLS OF THOSE WHO THREATENED THE POWER OF THE CELTIC WARRIORS! VAE VICTAS! WOE TO THE CONQUERED!" 

The room was silent as the proclamation began to settle within every soul in the courtroom. An uncomfortable shiver ran down the spine of those susceptible, as the prospect of a trial by combat rang through their bones, and ate at their timid imaginations with the stains that come with such conflict. Eyes darted to one another, each wanting to say a word but scared to break the deafening silence that was echoing throughout. The hearty, strong and defined young man stood at position as his declaration was all on the minds of the nearby town folk. 

No sound came out of the room until the judge, jury, and executioner spoke at their podium. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Put in Their Place Part 2: Nate vs. Himself

A new story, Part 2 following this seductive mistress. Enjoy!

The Hogan household sits in a well off neighborhood where it could shine without standing out. Mister and Misses Hogan have good jobs that allow Carrie and Nate to live luxuriously, without any care or concerns outside of those they give themselves. They have a lovely in-ground swimming pool in their backyard, which rests near a nice large tree, not too close as to block the sun, but close enough that one can leaf gaze, if they so wanted to from the inside of the 6 foot deep, rectangular pit of water the family spent the equivalent of a couple cashier's annual salaries to command Mexicans to dig, plaster and fill. 

Their yard is surrounded by a chain link fence that has a strong resemblance to a prison, standing at an almost awkward height of 10 feet. Mrs. Hogan is quick to tell anyone who'd listen that she did not want a 10 foot tall chain link fence to surround her backyard, and is more hesitant, but far further in animation, to blame the Mexicans she hired for believing that she wanted a 10 foot tall chain link fence. She'd say that they're used to walls of that size, and would easily find a way to use this as a transition into politics, which would be most people's cue to go do something else. 

However, if you were to ask the responsible Mexicans in question their side of the coin, they'd promptly respond with a well rehearsed retort, one that should not surprise anyone to hear, spoken in a thick and clear accent, "Yo no hablo ingles." 

This may of been a cause for the misunderstanding. 

However, despite this 'blunder', Carrie and Nate's parents have given their kids a good life, where the two siblings can do basically whatever it is they want, mostly to themselves, as their parents six figure jobs leave them unable to spend much time at home. Nate finds this preferable, as he enjoys time to himself and being as disconnected as possible, not caring to appear standoffish. In fact, he'd prefer it if he did. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Put in Their Place Part 1: A Day of Firsts

This is a two parter, with the next one coming pretty soon. Enjoy ;)

Carrie Hogan attends a nearby college and takes pleasure in most of her experiences there. She enjoys her classes, and even likes having some of the boys around as well. Some boys seemed to enjoy having her around even more. 

Her long luscious and wavy brown hair sat on her shoulders behind her beautiful face, full lips, little nose and heavy coca eyes that were easy to stare at and assume that twinkle was directed at you. No matter how easy it was to get lost in her face, it was even easier to get hypnotized by the 2 large melons that swung in her bosom with every swing and the 2 balloons that bounced below her hips, with each step forward. Tall for a girl, her long legs seemed to stretch up into herself for a mile. She was ogled by the boys and envied by the girls. 

"Nate, do you have any tests today?" Carrie asked from the driver seat. She looked to her right and glared at her younger brother who seemed very interested in not acknowledging his sister. 

Carrie shook her head and faced the road. She turned into Saint Bernard High School and dropped Nate off at school. 

"Have a good day Nate!" Carrie said. Nate barely let his sister finish her sentence before he opened the door and left the car. Carrie watched her brother walk into school and she sighed out and drove away. 

"Fucking asshole." Carrie spat aloud.