Thursday, October 24, 2019

Pride and Pity

EDIT: Title changed due to my lack of culture. Originally, "The Humbler". Any likeness is unintended , and purely accidental .

Hey guys! New story, while I put off finishing Camp Hardwood. I honestly shouldn't of even written this, but I did and I think I'm glad I did. Some of you might enjoy it. 

Chris knocked on the door to his mother’s room and saw her finishing up an e-mail she probably had to write to her clients. Chris didn’t pay it any mind as she closed her laptop and looked up at her oldest son before  heading to her youngest, and only daughter’s room for homework help.

“Mom, I need the car tonight.” Chris pleaded with his honey brown eyes.

Mom sighed as her eyes rolled in exaggeration. She didn't really want to consider if her oldest son should have the only car tonight, to do God knows what.

“I don’t know, Chris. It’s a school day and-”

“Mom please, it’s really important and-”

“It’s a school day Chris, and you aren’t doing great in your classes you know!” She said, remembering his last report card. Nothing was failing, but she knows he could do better.

“I know, but one night isn’t going to change anything and-”

“And nothing, you should start being responsible and put your classes first!”

Chris groaned and shook his short cut head in disappointment. He doesn’t understand why his Mother can be so unreasonable about things. Why can’t she just let things go? Trust him for once, he’s basically an adult. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Into the Caverns Part Two: Abysmal Voyage into the Deep

Part One: Cedric and Thomas

Thomas slowly came to as he lied flat on the cold floor. He had trouble figuring out what happened and why he’s on this uncomfortable and unfamiliar floor. Before he could answer any of his questions, a flaming pain erupt in his crotch. Thomas groaned as he pulled his soft hands over his silky magic robes, cradling his soft, aching privates. 

Thomas curled onto his side and kicked his legs, a high pitch moan oozing out of his quivering mouth. The unwelcomed ball pain he was victim to was something Thomas never learned to handle. He was never trained in combat like his brother, and instead focused on reading and focusing the magic coursing through him. Any physical pain would be unnerving for the mage, so the kind of pain that was enough to cripple his warrior brother would take Thomas to a remarkably terrible state.

This agony was beyond anything Thomas has felt so far and he could not think at all through the pain in his loins. The young mage could only manage to react as his body naturally would in a state like this. Rolling around, and pulling his legs up and down, as he strained and breathed with heavy weight on his stomach. Painfully and slowly, Thomas was slowly able to capture his surroundings and start to make more connections than just trying to understand the physical and mental state he was in. 

Thomas’ eyes shot open, as he sprang up and looked around in a hurry.

“Cedric!? Ah! Ooof… my sack…” Thomas croaked as the sudden movement shot up some more pain in the young man’s tender loins. Thomas curled over to his knees and lied his forearms on the floor. He looked around from his perspective, his face sweating and sick-ridden, realizing that his brother wasn’t there anymore. Thomas clenched his fists and slammed them onto the floor, then did so again and screamed out, in pain and frustration.

“Crap!… Cedric… no…”

Thomas’ eyes swelled up, and not just from the pain, but for Cedric. He was worried about his brother, he had no idea where he is, if he’s safe. If he’s even alive. Cedric risked his life to save him from that nasty, evil and terrifying Eldritch. 

That's just like Cedric, Thomas thought to himself. That's just like Cedric to do something stupidly heroic like that. He always enjoyed adventure stories too much for his own good. 

Thomas knew what he had to do, now.  He had to get up and search for his brother. Cedric might need him, and there’s no one else around to help. There's no way Thomas could go back to the village, it would take too long. Those monsters have no mercy, and Cedric might need help right nowThomas had to man up and save the day.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Iconic - A Short Story

Here's something different, my guys. 

I found a picture on the social media travels and instantly found myself so very excited at finding it. It was very inspiring, and I felt like it was a perfect reason to write something. 

It's short, I did little revising and there probably won't be a part 2. It's not as thought out as my other stories, it's very bare and a bit of an experiment, but I thought some of you guys might appreciate this. 

Beneath is said picture, and following that is the short story. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Into the Caverns Part One: Cedric and Thomas

"Keep your eyes open! We don't know what's in here."

"Don’t worry Brother, I’ll keep you safe from the droplets of water.”

"Must you mock me?"

"You cannot give a lion a meal, and not expect it to be devoured."

"Oh? Am I the meal, in this self-serving metaphor?

"No, you're the chef. Your decisions and vocabulary, are the meal."

"My vocabulary is my decision, Cedric."

"Yes but, they're both ridicu-"

"Stop it! We must focus!"

The steel staff was under Thomas' firm, focused grip. Thomas tried to shake his head of his older brother's antics. He hates how even out here by themselves, Cedric must act as if he's impressing some girls during practice. Thomas couldn't believe Cedric even convinced him to wander out here.

"You must, relax Tommy, we-"

"You know I don't like to be called that!" Thomas spat as he slapped his brother's shoulder with his staff.

"Be careful with that!" Cedric cried out. "I don't want you to turn me into a toad in here, of all places!"

"Don't be a fool! That's not how staffs work. They're an empowering medium through which I can augment the essence of the magic within me."

"And you ask why I mock you."

"You asked a stupid question!"

"It wasn't a question, you -"

"Be quiet!"

"We're fine! There's-

"I hear something, be quiet!"

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Camp Hardwood Day 10: What Goes Around Comes Around

Hey guys! New part, and this one's a bit different. But stick with me. Next few parts should make up for it, whenever they come around. The rest is falling in place, but the ending is still a mess, so I still need to sort that out. 

But, for my Northern Hemisphere friends, it's Summer! Back in the Camp spirit haha. I hope you guys are feeling it :)

I'm considering putting out a part of a different story soon, just for those who aren't too attached to this storyline. And it would be completely different, not a part of any of the established universes on this blog to this point. I've been working on some different ideas recently, and really digging them. But, we'll see how the wind blows. 

Enjoy, guys! :)

Day Zero


I woke up feeling… good. I felt good. Was still hurting downstairs, but I could walk at a somewhat brisk pace. So that was great. It wasn't too awkward when I looked at Cameron either. I still wasn't sure about making prolonged eye contact, but I felt fine with him around. And that's enough, right?

"Wait, don't we get to pick today's activity?" Tim asked as we were all getting ready. I entirely forgot until he mentioned it.

"Yeah... I think we do. Got any ideas?" Cameron asked.

"Something that doesn't involve me doing anything but sit there, please." I asked. I really wanted to stay safe and lazy. 

"That can be arranged. How about-" Aaron started off.

"Wait, this is a special occasion! The girls always picked something that focused on us being guys, so now, we need to pick something that focuses on them being girls! Something sexy, you know?" Tim said. Tim had me at first, but then kinda drifted away at the end there. I don't think he realized we were like 70% gay as a group. Or something like that.

"Uhhh... like what, lap dances?" Cameron asked.

"Perfect! Today's activity will be lap dances!" Tim said excitedly.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Camp Hardwood Day 9: Karma Payment Plan

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Day Eight


I woke up. Gingerly got out of bed. Neither me nor Cameron made eye contact. I'm not sure what would have happened if we did. 

When I was sure no one was paying me any attention, I took a look at my balls, and they were pretty swollen and a strange color that I didn't like to look at. It made me feel even worse. I put them away before anyone saw anything. I didn't want to have to talk to anyone.

Breakfast ended, and none of us boys said anything. That was when I remembered that the girls are going to get to pick the activity after breakfast was over. It was a very sudden realization, and it made my vision and insides go all screwy. It made me push away the plate and nearly faint. I was feeling so terrible already, and then I just remembered that it's very likely going to get so much worse. God knows what the girls were going to have in store, and I was in no shape to bend to their abuse. I was sick, sad, and already defeated. I wanted to vomit.  

Soon, time ran out and we were asked to gather got the activity. It felt like a death march for us boys, and I was sweating as we walked to wherever we were supposed to be. 

"So... we talked about it..." A twin spoke.

"...And we decided... to have a contest..." The other twin continued.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Camp Hardwood Day 8: Jeopardy

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I woke up first and I saw Cameron in his bed. He was sleeping when I walked in last night. If he wasn't, he didn't let on any differently, thankfully. I got ready without looking at him, and he didn't try to get my attention.  

Breakfast was awkward, I didn't talk to anyone or pay much attention. I felt disconnected. I felt like shit, and like an idiot, and I was angry. And just generally 'why did I come to this stupid camp?'

After breakfast, it was time for our next activity. It was Jeopardy. You know, that game show? Random as shit, but whatever. It was Boys vs. Girls, and the winning team gets to pick tomorrow's activity. Happy happy. Joy. Joy.