Tuesday, January 16, 2018

BBFiend Asked Me To

Cody was on his bed in a nice soft pair of pajama bottoms that were thin, but warm. They were grey, and nothing special. The only other clothes he had on were these very soft and fuzzy socks that Cody was very happy to receive not too long ago. They were flamingo pink and Kevin Hart black, and ended right above his ankles. 

Cody was on his phone, browsing his Instagram account when he got a Snapchat from Paul. 

"Ah, finally." Cody said aloud to no one. Cody was worried that Paul was going to let their streak die. Cody opened it and it was a picture of Paul next to his computer, which was open on the home screen of the game the two play pretty often, League of Legends. Paul's eyebrows were raised and his hand was under the screen. The caption said 

"why aren't you on bitch?"

Cody laughed and replied with a selfie. His brown hair curled, like it were trying to attack itself but then realized it didn't have the power to do so half-way through, and his hazel eyes and full lips looked just as sweet as you'd expect. Cody put on a stinkface, which failed to make the handsome boy look anything other than handsome, with the caption

"that game stinks"

Cody sent the pretty selfie, then sat up. He looked over to his computer and jumped off his bed. He was about to go sit in his desk and sign into League, but then his door swung open with no care and was almost immediately followed with a thundering 


Hollered out by Cody's self-absorbed younger brother, who was wearing fuzzy socks too. Stevie's socks were the same, but blue and yellow instead. Cody jumped slightly and rolled his eyes as he turned to Stevie. 

"For fuck sakes Stevie, fucking knock. Jesus..."

Friday, January 12, 2018

New Poll. Camp Hardwood

So, I've been thinking about Camp Hardwood for a bit, and I was unsure as to the direction it was taking, and how it would be received. And a combination of things has lead to me to putting this new poll out and the subsequent text beneath if you care to read it. If not, the poll is regarding Camp Hardwood. The poll asks if I should rewrite Camp Hardwood or not. The choices are

1) No, I like the direction it's taken!

2) Yes, I don't like the direction it's taken, I'd love a rewrite!

3) Whichever way, I just want more balls busted!

4) Other (Please Specify)

Note, if I do rewrite it, it will likely start up with Day One and move on from there in a new-ish, and likely lighter vein.

There will NOT be a new part of Camp Hardwood come February 7th. I'm unsure what I plan on doing regarding Camp, and feel it would be best to sit and ponder on the matter. However, I will make it up to you guys, I intend to put out more stories to compensate.

Poll Results! M/F or M/M

So, the poll has ended. Aaannndd here are the results!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Moar Music! #3

Hey! It's been awhile since I did one of these. I've been really into a bunch of new-ish music, so I'm excited to share with you guys!

Day 5: Papi Had a Bad Day

Here's Day 5! And in case you weren't around, here's my Christmas present to you guys!

Day Zero

Day One: Two Balls and a Bat

Day Two: Virgo Roshambo

Day Three: I Believe in the Heart of the Cards

Day Four: Group Balls


It was good to wake up looking forward to something and it actually being there for you. 

Breakfast was really nice. Talked to Cameron, smiled, laughed and joked. Friendly stuff, you know the works. 

Right after breakfast, the counselors split us up into groups. 

"Cameron and Cevin, you're with me for a bit." Diego said with a smile. 

"Kick ass." I said, getting Cameron to laugh. 

We split off in a direction down a dirt path and Diego asked "So... what do you guys want to do?"

Me and Cameron looked at each other, wondering if the other had the answer. It was another really nice and warm day. I'd be down to do anything really, especially with Diego and Cameron. Both of them were really chill, and funny guys, and I was really digging both of them at the moment. Me and Cameron were getting along so well, and I've started... looking up to Diego. Was feeling really sentimental at this point in camp. Everything was going so well.

"So, any ideas?" I asked Cameron. 

"Uhhhh... I'm down with just a walk I think." Cameron said contently. 

I nodded. "Me too. Can we just go for a walk?" I asked towards Diego, who was in front of us, his head tilted towards us. 

"Yeah sure. Relaxing, hopefully." Diego said laughing. Oh, the irony. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all are having (had) a wonderful Christmas! I'm not really a Christmas person, I find the entire Christmas spirit shtick to be very artificial and honestly annoying to an extent. However, I do love any excuse to give to those I value. That's one of the reasons why my gift to you guys isn't a Christmas themed story. INSTEAD, I spoil thee, and gift ye 4 new stories!

Here is a new story involving Cody and his family! The Unseen Soup is the Deadliest!

Here is a new story involving the Twins, Paul and Nick along with Justin as a very handsome third wheel and spectator. It's Not Gay if it's Your Brother!

Here is a new story in Saint Bernard High School involving Sven and Jordan, and a freshman who's too cute for his own good. An Uncomfortable Realization!

And here, the final story for the day. A new chapter in Camp Hardwood! Welcome to Day 4: Group Balls!

I truly hope you all are having (had) a wonderful Christmas, and I hope my gift to you guys makes your Holiday season more enjoyable!

And in case any of you were wondering, yes there will be a new chapter of Camp Hardwood come next week. That will be Day 5.

Have a great holiday season friends! Enjoy yourselves!

P.S I am aware that the font is different for some stories, and potentially even within stories. I have no idea why it does that, I try and put it all under the same font. I'll see if I can sort that, and sorry if it annoys you.

Day 4: Group Balls

Merry Christmas!

Day Zero

Day One: Two Balls and a Bat

Day Two: Virgo Roshambo

Day Three: I Believe in the Heart of the Cards

The next day, day 4. I woke up to the feeling of something moving me. I wearily looked around and saw Cameron.

“Dude what the fuck, let me sleep.” I groaned, closing my heavy eyes and burying my face in the soft pillow. 

“No. Cevin, we need to talk.” He whispered, but his tone spoke volumes. As I re-opened my eyes, I saw that his knees were bent and he was at my level.

I stared a few moments and sat up, giving him my attention. Cameron looked down at me as he raised himself.

He stared at me like he was waiting for inspiration to come over him. Then he sighed. 

“I’m sorry. I really am. I want to get along with you, be your friend... be here for you to look forward to...  What can I do to fix what I did?” He said this firmly, staring into my eyes. Into my soul. I didn’t know what to say.

“I… I don’t know.” I said unsure of what to do.