Wednesday, June 20, 2018

To Excite, or Not to Excite

Saint Bernard High School sat in the same place it’s been sitting since it was erected all those years ago. Since then, many different boys have come and left, joked and laughed, studied and slept, passed and failed, and of course, as it is an all boys High School, sacked and cried. 

These things will keep on happening, and there isn't much that can be done to change that. This is because, boys will be boys. Especially when there aren't any girls around. The only thing that can stop boys from being smelly and silly is a reason for them to be something different. Without girls, most boys wouldn't find a reason. 

However, just because there is no reason for boys to be decent at Saint Bernard High School, doesn't mean that there is no reason for us to follow them. Stories aren't told of decent people. Stories are told of people who excite us. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Forgetful and Quick Football Practice

“Is it Nick with a k or an h?” Justin asked. 

“With a K. Only losers spell it with an h.”

"Of course, I shouldn't of even asked." Justin responded. 

"I agree. You're dumber than you look."

Justin frowned. "Come on, that's not true."

Nick responded with a friendly smile. The two handsome lads were running laps together outside. They were both a part of the football team, and both were shirtless, wearing Saint Bernard Sweats, which are just normal sweats but with a Buffalo and a gold and blue S B underneath. 

"Tell yourself that if it makes you feel better." Nick joked. 

"Fuck off..."

"Doesn't matter, anyways. You're pretty enough to be stupid." 

Justin chuckled, nodding his head. "You are right about that." 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Some Books With Busts!

A post for those of you interested in books, and perhaps expanding your literary library, or just looking for some decent busts in 'quality' literature, or whatever. There are a couple busts in some books I've read, and thought I could share it with you lot! 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Andrew's First Time

This is a new story in a new 'universe'. It's short, and based pretty strongly off this kid I used to be forced to spend some time with. I'll probably go back to these sort of stories every now and then, because I do think about him a lot. Hope you guys enjoy!

I still remember the first time I busted Andrew. I was in 8th grade at the time, and him in 6th. I know there tends to be this ‘stigma’ especially in Middle and High School, where interacting with the younger kids made you weird, but I always liked them. They always looked up to you, in a sense, and it was easier to do what I wanted around them. Part of it was there's less stress involved around them, you don't have to impress them or anything. And I can kinda have my way, and if they didn't want to, I'd always find a way to impose. They were smaller, a bit dumber, and all around, more easy to kinda just… well, do what I want. More helpless. Maybe that makes me a bully, I don't know. He deserved it though.

Andrew had light brown hair, and he was honestly pretty annoying. Cute, but annoying. A really boyish face with pretty, green eyes, small and sweet smile when he said something he found enjoyable. Was always a good weight, and it was hard to see him in an unattractive light, at least physically. But again, despite how cute I found him, he was really annoying.

Especially during this time, he was very fixated on typical ‘cool guy stuff’. Like, he was really into cars and monster trucks. He loved sports, loved to show off. Loved heavy metal music, girls, and basically everything you associate with all of that stuff. Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying those things, but with Andrew, it felt like he was doing it for his image. It felt fake, and it made me just want to rip that shit down, and make sure he knows he isn't anywhere near as cool as he think he is. Make him feel like an absolute bitch. Make him hate being what he tried so hard to prove he was, a human being with a dick and balls. I could do that to Andrew, because I was bigger. Him being cute was just icing on the cake that I could not wait to dig into.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Poll Results: Where Do You Prefer Stories Take Place?

Results are in, and here they are:

School (Gym, Class, Lunchroom, etc) - 15/45 (33%)
Home (Bedrooms, Backyards, Basements, etc) - 20/45 (44%)
Outside (Fields, Stores, Public Places, etc) - 5/45 (11%)
As long as it's hot, it can be in a volcano - 5/45  (11%)
Other - 0/45 (0%)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Some more of my favorite busts! Vol. 3

Hey guys! Been awhile since I posted one of these, but better late than never! Here are some more of my favorite ballbusuting videos on Youtube! And to begin, a YouTube channel some of you might be familiar with. Call of Dumb!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Paul meets Cody's Family

Quick edit: Here are some stories that I published recently, and are worth checking out if you haven't already!

Paul looked at Cody and Stevie with a friendly yet surprised smile. It’s the first time he’s been inside Cody’s house, and so far, it's certainly meeting his expectations.

“You two look so alike, Jesus Christ…”  

It was very easy to see that the two are brothers. Cody looked just like Stevie does, when he was his age, and it's very likely that Stevie will look just like Cody does when he's 17. 

"How old are you Stevie?" Paul asked sweetly. 

"I'm twelve!" Stevie said with unconstrained excitement, happy to finally meet one of his big brothers friends. 

Paul laughed. "Twelve? Damn, you're gonna be big and strong just like your brother soon!" Paul said. 

Not only did Stevie smile and feel bubbly as he looked up at his big brother, but Cody also smiled at the comment. He looked down at his brother, proudly. Stevie has curly brown hair, and pretty hazel eyes that were looking up at Cody's eyes which look just the same. Stevie also has a great facial structure that he will no doubt grow into, just like Cody has. Cody rubbed Stevie's hair, which was just like his own, feeling something innate about his brother at the moment.  

Stevie felt appreciated, while also happy to be compared to his idol, and found it easy to respond. "Cody's awesome! He's really cool and funny too." Stevie said, making Cody feel all warm. 

"Really?" Paul asked. 

"Yeah! Watch this!" Stevie said, as he reared his fist back and punched Cody between the legs, smashing the mound in his white shorts with a twack. In Stevie's eyes, he just complimented the moment like a campfire compliments the night.