Sunday, June 27, 2021

Jack Tibbler Part 3 (Edited): The Bully, The Loss and The Rock

Part One: A Guy That Big, That's the Only Place You Hit 'Em

Part Two: New Years Eve 1995

One Jack Tibbler, thirteen, was quite a curious junior high student. Almost an enigma to his peers. The boy had made it through the trials and tribulations of his first year of middle school with a graceful veil of mystery wrapped around him. He'd made no real friends, only chatted up a few other boys his age in the cafeteria, maybe even out on the quad during lunch hour. He had joined a soccer team which surprised the hell out of his family, especially his older brother Andy who was now in his last year of high school. Things were going much better than Jack or anyone else in his family had expected. His grades were good, his social standing wasn't that of a celebrity, but somehow he managed to avoid ridicule.

Though in every bright sky, there was one dark cloud that threatened to pour rain down over ones spoils, to cast shadows wherever one had light. For Jack Tibbler, that dark cloud was Sean Zygers. A fourteen year old boy, lean, very much in shape for his age. Dark brown hair which was cut short and whipped up towards the front, as if he were some young super model. Sean came from a wealthy family who'd just moved into the city a little over a year and a half ago. His money alone lead to his initial popularity, his garish personality crowned him king of Dr. Barry Middle School. He was always found wearing tight faded jeans and small polo shorts with the stiff collars, always flipped up.

The boy was repeating the 8th grade, which gave him an air of rebellion and made the other students love him even more. No one thought that it might be because he was just a walking jumble of good looks and cash, no academic brains to speak of. Yup, he was one strikingly good looking dark cloud that liked to rain all over Jack's parade on any given day, at any given time. Hell, he once rode up on his bicycle and found Jack in the public park flying a kite over the summer. He then gave Jack a wedge, tore off his underwear, tied it to the kite and let the thing take Jack's briefs with it.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Instagram: Me and Who!?

Hey guys! To start off, I wanted to make this post for a bit and decided this is a great time to do it! 

I'm on Instagram and have made a busting account where I post and share interesting busting videos! While on Insta, I've found some really cool and interesting people! 

It turns out... that one of those cool and interesting people, is none other than the author of one of my absolute favorite BB stories of all time... the man who wrote the Jack Tibbler stories! In fact, he's shared with me a PART 3 Jack Tibbler story, that I intend to post on this blog soon, so keep your eyes open! 

He left a message here earlier, sent me an email and we've been talking and it's so shocking for me! He's such a fantastic writer and I expected him to have disappeared, started writing screenplays for indie films or something, so learning that the author of a childhood hero is still around in the scene honestly made me squeal in excitement. He has a few fiction pieces on his account, as well as awesome pictures and videos, so be sure to follow him! 

Anyways, if you guys are interested in us on Instagram, this is my account and this is the Jack Tibbler author, now known as Nutblasted! Feel free to DM either of us! 

Take care guys! And hope to talk to some of you soon :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Genshin Impact: Bennett and Razor - Mushed Berries

Another Genshin Impact story guys! Hope those who read, enjoy it :) The characters are below, to those of you who want to get to know them a bit better if you're unfamiliar.

(So sorry about any formatting issues. Putting it here was such a struggle for some reason.)






“I’m hungry!”

“You’re always hungry!”

Razor grunted and rubbed his growling belly. He sniffed the gentle breeze as it contacted him, guiding him in the direction of something to satisfy his belly.

“Over there! Let’s hunt!” Razor insisted, heading off in the direction of the subtle smells he’s been trained to catch as a member of a wolfpack. But, Bennett grabbed onto his arm before he ran off, keeping his friend and guide in place.

“Wait, wait! We can eat later, Razor! But right now, we have to focus on the commission like I told you!”

“But… I’m hungry!” Razor added up his limited vocabulary as best he could to express himself in the moment. He was successful.

“I know, I know! Look, here’s an apple, okay!? But I need you to help me with the commission! And now I need you to find me more apples too.” Bennett said after giving his young friend the last apple from his bag. Bennett couldn’t help but smile and gleam at how quickly his wild friend devoured the apple. Bennett giggled as Razor finished the apple, core and all.

“Thank you.” Razor said after finishing the apple and dropping the stem. Then he started to rub his bare belly as he looked up sadly at Bennett. “But… still hungry.”

Monday, May 17, 2021

Steps Together: Part 2 - Emerging Brotherhood is a Flooding Cup

Part One: Eggs Gambit

Here's Part Two! Hope you guys enjoy :)

Holden looked back fondly on the day and memory, reliving it over the next few days. He couldn’t help but think about it whenever he saw Dallas. He snuck peaks at Dallas’s crotch whenever he could and reimagined how it felt to have any of his limbs in there again, feeling all of Dallas’s maleness all over his skin and senses. Holden began to notice how much he enjoyed just being around Dallas, just so he can have that memory and sensation feel stronger. 

In fact, that sensation was so strong whenever he was around Dallas, that Holden found it almost impossible to focus. All Holden could think about was Dallas and that day he busted him three times, and trying to do anything other than that felt incredibly difficult to manage. It made Holden intentionally avoid being around Dallas, for everyone’s sake he reasoned. He wasn’t sure what to make of his thoughts and didn’t know if he should act on them. 

These thoughts are about his younger step-brother after all. He doesn’t want to really hurt Dallas, plus there’s more to his feelings than just inflicting nut pain. He’s really curious too. They just started living together a couple months ago. Is that too early to be feeling things? Should he be feeling this way about Dallas at all? Isn't that... but, it’s not like they’re blood brothers though. Just step-siblings. Is there something wrong about wanting something physical from another person if they’re brought together by coincidence? Especially if they’d both be alone otherwise. 

Holden wasn’t sure how to handle this situation and Dallas wondered why Holden had been so distant after they were getting along so well. He always wanted a brother, and more than that, he thought that Holden was really cool and great to have around. Dallas always wanted his brother to be someone he could hang around and joke with and depend on to be there, and talk to if there’s anything bothering him. It felt like that was developing, and now suddenly that brother is avoiding him. Did Dallas do something to annoy Holden? Dallas tried to think of what he did wrong, but he couldn’t figure it out. 

Friday, April 16, 2021

The Curse

Another new story! This one was a bit of an experiment and likely won't be revisited. Decided to share because I like how it turned out and such and such. 



A boy was walking around his hometown, wandering like a bored child would from a different time, who has no school or job to attend to. He was wearing ragged clothes, his shirt riddled with half-sown rips and trousers that were held up by polite and disciplined suspenders that helped pull and keep the rather small boy all together. He had a smooth and young boyish face, long socks that ended below his knee, pale skin showing above his socks and beneath where his short trousers ended, and rough, worn down shoes that were starting to get too tight. His family, like most around the town, barely had enough to get by and were grateful, pious and careful. A product of the times perhaps, but it was the truth of the culture as they knew it. Superstitious and God-fearing, but honest and hard-working. Like most boys and girls his age, he only knew what he was told and didn't have anything else to go on. 

Now, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something catch his attention in one of the empty buildings. It used to be a store, but that was before he was born. Now no one has any use for it. 

The boy got closer to the abounded building and saw two women talking quietly, sharing something together. He couldn't hear or see what they were saying, but he continued to approach. He didn't recognize those women, and it's weird for anyone to be in there. This was more excitement then the boy was used to in his small, honest and poor town. He had to investigate. 

Before he got close enough to hear them, one of the women bowed respectfully, then turned and walked out of one of the openings in the abandoned hide building. The boy stopped moving and curled close behind an empty barrel, his eyes just over the brim. The other woman watched and stuck around for another moment, straightening herself out and then backing up and turning around. She had on a long, extraordinary green dress with a luscious white apron lying over it, sturdy leather boots on her feet and a pure white bonnet, which helped her emerald eyes shine on her humble expression.

Those sparkling, green eyes met the boy's dark, haunting eyes as he was hiding behind the protective barrel. The woman looked shocked but fought to remain comfortable and confident. The boy noticed that the woman looked a little bit older than mother, but was taller and slimmer. She looked richer than the other women around here, and her breasts looked more plump. There was something striking about her, the young and honest boy thought. Something... something that the boy settled on, was corrupt. Something that called him towards unholiness. She began to speak down to the boy. 

"What are you doing here? Where are your parents, child?"

The boy looked up at the woman with furrowed, accusatory brows. The woman huffed and stood up straighter. 

"I asked you a question boy! Wh-"

"Are you a Witch?"

Monday, April 5, 2021

Jack Tibbler (Edited): New Year's Eve, 1995 [Reposted]


Hey Guys! I posted this story awhile ago but took it down for one reason or the other, and felt bad that I did and wanted to make sure it's posted! Because it's really one of the best bb stories I've ever read and anyone who likes my stories deserves to read this one. 
Furthermore, I did add a short scene at the end when I first published it, as a homage of appreciation for what this story gave us. So, that end part is mine, but the rest is not mine.  
Also, this is my 100th post, so it felt fitting. Inspiration is what drives me (as do most of us I'm sure), so this calls for a celebration of some sort. 
More original stories will be coming soon. Until then, re-enjoy this non-original story! And if you've not read it yet, then please give it a go! I hope it inspires you like it did me :)

Hello friends. How long has it been now? Well over a year. It's time again to share another tale in the life of an average boy, living in an average, American suburbia wonderland. 

His name was Jack Tibbler, now the ripe age of eleven and nowhere near as adored as his older brother Andy, now fifteen. Though the two still had their differences, Andy had never bullied Jack like he used to. Not after what happened almost three years ago. 

Andy did what everyone had expected him to since then. Start off his first two years of high school dominating the athletics department, and Jack was going to enter junior high next year, doing what everyone thought he might do-- waste space. 

The boy, shaggy brown hair, lanky build, hardly gaining any height even just as puberty approached, was an avid movie fan. His dream, a well kept secret, was to become a movie critic. Other people wanted to be producers, screen writers. But not him. 

He wasn't as quiet a boy as he use to be, now a small yet simmering flare could be seen just past those brown hues. Maybe, just maybe... despite his inability to stand out in the crowd, he was beginning to grow a backbone. It crept up his body, giving him sort of hidden courage-- Or was that just downright nastiness that lay hidden behind his meager appearance

News Year Eve, 1995...

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Levi's Bet - Part 1

Bit of a writing spree maybe? Not connected to the last story. This one wasn't meant to be very much, but it kept on coming so... here it is! I imagine they'll be a part two soon.


Levi and Ava were brother and sister, only a year separating them. Although technically the older sister, Ava was no longer bigger than Levi and they went through puberty around the same age. 


On this particularly hot summer day, the two were hanging out in the living room together and alone. They were watching TV , one of those shows where the bad guys try to do something bad and the good guys, in this case good girls, fight them off and save the day.


In this particular scene, one of the thugs snuck up on one of the girls and grabbed her close, engulfing her in his huge, hulking frame. However, she twisted her hand and grabbed onto the front of his jeans, and squeezed with a zoom in shot on her hand. Then, a zoom in on the thug's scream and he let her go, then proceeded to get beat up by the girl who just grabbed his balls.


"Haha! You go girl!" Ava cheered. 


"Pfft, whatever. He shouldn't have let her go, what did he do that for!?" Levi jeered.


"Because he got his balls grabbed? What do you mean!?" Ava asked in shock. Was he not watching?

"I know that, but that doesn't mean he should just let go. He should at least try to fight her still."

"Uhh, ok. Have you gotten grabbed by the balls before?" Ava asked, smirking at her brother and eyeing his crotch in his shorts. Levi scoffed and sat back in the couch, pushing out his equipment towards his sister, perhaps unintentionally. Ava noticed it though, her light blue eyes focused and amused.

"No, but I got hit there a couple times. It hurt but it wasn't that bad." Levi said, focusing on the TV. It's true that he's been hit there before, but it was just once and a grazing shot. He thought it was going to hurt a lot more but his cock took most of the impact.

"Yeah, ok little bro."