Thursday, November 16, 2017

New Poll: M/M or F/M

There is a new poll, it is self-explanatory. Of these, which do you prefer to read about in the stories you'd like to read. The 3 choices are; Male busting Male, Female busting Male, and a 3rd choice, where the sex of those involved isn't particularly important. Despite the outcome of this poll, a majority will be in M/M as it's easiest for me to write, but I'd like to know if I should keep in mind to add in more F/M in the future. I do write for myself primarily, but I do want to make the human beings to take the time out of their day to read my work to enjoy themselves. I won't do anything I'm particularly against, but I do want to keep an open mind. So, answer the poll and leave any feedback as you see fit.

Also, I've added more pictures to the side. Now, from top to bottom, cute boys with irresistible bulges!

Enjoy Yourselves!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Results: Favorite Form of Busting

Results are in! And they look like...

  13 (33%)
  11 (28%)
  10 (25%)
  6 (15%)
  10 (25%)
  12 (30%)
  19 (48%)
  6 (15%)
Other (Specify)
  1 (2
39 Total Votes

In Order...

Squeezing: 19 (48%)
Kicking: 13 (33%)
Punching: 12 (30%)
Kneeing: 11 (28%)
Stomping/Slapping: 10 (25%)
Standing/Accidental/Objects: 6 (15%)
Other: 1 (2%)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Day 2: Virgo Roshambo

Day Zero

Day One: Two Balls and a Bat


"Rise and Shine! You guys have a obligation to fulfill!" Alexa proclaimed with enthusiasm that rubs you the wrong way after you just wake up. The 4 of us moaned like zombies and acted the part, as we got up slowly with tired groans, knowing full well what's ahead of us and our balls. 

"Fuck man..." I heard Tim say. "Fuck this shit, I don't wanna throw up today." 

Eventually, we all got up and got ourselves ready and there was an aura of 'This is going to hurt' sitting in the air. I put on jeans with a black tee, Aaron put on nice green jeans with a white tee. The jeans looked really nice, I thought they were probably expensive. Cameron put on grey sweats with a white tee, and Tim put on jeans with a wife beater, sleeveless tee. His arms looked huge, and I was glad he choose to show them off. Ready, and with Tim and Cameron holding their crotches, the four of us all talked together before we all left. 

"So, we all gonna go easy on each other right?" Tim asked. Tim appeared to value not being in nauseating agony over the enjoyment of watching your peers be in nauseating agony. I mean I get it, but he's on his own boat here. 

"Uh, no. Play to win." I replied. 

"Nah man, don't be like that." Tim said in a pleading tone. 

"If we don't play to win, the girls might just get angry and make it worse for us." Cameron said behind me. I turned my head and saw him looking past me, right at Tim. I looked back at Tim and gave the idea some thought. It was a good point, and he really didn't want to take anymore than he had to. 

"Fine, fine. But I'm not having breakfast! I don't want to throw it up right afterwards." Tim said, getting a laugh out of us. 

None of us had breakfast that morning. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Crawl you Weak Bitch


“Yeees my dear?”

"I. am. HORNY." 

Jordan laughed. The boy loving teenager was shirtless and wearing a pair of grey sweats, sitting on the couch watching whatever he felt was worth watching on Netflix. Jordan turned his handsome face to his boyfriend, Mikey. Mikey was right behind him, and latched onto his cute pink haired boyfriend with salacious intentions. At first contact, Jordan but laughed after he realized there was nothing to worry about. It's just his loving boyfriend, Mikey. 

Mikey was a 20 year old who graduated from Saint Bernard High School his Senior year, when Jordan was just a Sophomore. The two started dating late that year, and have kept at it for 2 years running. Mikey gets by thanks to his rich parents, which is why he's able to have his own place at the age of 20. It's not the 1950's, you can't just do that comfortably anymore. Especially just out of high school.

Mikey owns messy medium brown hair and was sporting stubble. A strong body, but not as built Jordan's. Currently shirtless, just like Jordan, but Mikey had on these stained tighty whities, showing off his decent bulge, nice body, and messy tendencies. Mikey is happy with how he looks, but he does have a bit of fat he'd ideally like to lose. But Jordan still loves looking at Mikey. He likes how his imperfections make him feel that much more of a boy. 

"Horny, you say?" Jordan asked as he turned to face Mikey, laughing. 

"My cock is itching for release." Mikey mused with his face inches from Jordan's. The two stared into each other's eyes, reading each other's minds. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 1: Two Balls and a Bat

First full day of Camp! Note to start it off, this story is heavy in F/M, light in M/M. I do apologize if you prefer M/M, but if that is the case, you will enjoy Day 2 a lot more. And also, I do not recommend skipping along days. It's best to follow each in order, as you may be a bit lost if you don't follow along chronologically. 

Day Zero

I woke up to the noise of a horn. A very loud horn.


"What the fuck is that?" I heard Tim say, both of us still very groggy.

"I've no fucking idea, but it just woke me up from an amazing dream." Said Cameron faintly. 

I opened my eyes, and saw Cameron laying in bed as my head was lying on my body pillow. He's on his stomach, but his face was tilted towards me. He still looked asleep. He was so damn adorable. Lying in bed, eyes closed. Bed head. He looked so delicate... like a baby. 

"Wakey Wakey!" We heard as the door opened. I turned and saw Josh.

"Big day ahead of us! Get ready, and meet us in the living room when you guys are ready. Wear something you don't mind getting dirty in" Josh said, leaving us in our room.

"Fuck me..." I said aloud. I really didn't feel like getting up. I'm terrible in the morning.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Update #3

I have updated the blog! I HOPE it looks better. At the very least I am more content with it. It's nowhere near perfect or anything, but it doesn't make me question my taste when I look at it so that's something.

I also added another poll on the side, it's very simple. Preferred method of busting, nothing you guys haven't considered before. It's there just to give me an idea of what you guys would prefer to read more of.

And I also added some (hopefully) hot pictures! The pictures are subject to change, but I thought it'd look nice to have some pics on the side, add a bit of life to the blog.

I hope there aren't any issues with this format, if there are just let me know. I hope you guys like the format however, including the pictures! And if you guys find any pictures you guys would like to share, don't hesitate to send me any.

And don't forget to vote on the poll! And enjoy yourselves!