Friday, July 21, 2017

A New Site has been added to the side bar!

I am pleased to spread the word on the following website. It is a M/M only Booru (Forum for images only categorized by specific tags.) It's for artwork ONLY. Busts in manga, fan-fic, or whatever else. Anyone can upload, anyone can visit. It has A LOT of AWESOME ballbusting images. Here is a screenshot of the page. (If you want to just ignore this post, here is the link.'s also on the side of the page where the rest of the blogs are if you're on the computer. If you're on mobile, I apologize for the terrible format still, I need to work on that.)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

More Music!

Here's another post with some of my favorite songs! And feel free to send me an email if you're feeling a particular song today. I'd love to hear it!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Results are in...

These are the results for the poll I put out labeled "Who do you want to read more about?"...

Justin - 14% (4)

Liam - 0% (0)

Sven - 3% (1)

Nate - 3% (1)

Jordan - 7% (2)

Paul - 22% (6)

Nick - 11% (3)

Cody - 37% (10)

Total - 27

First off... thank you to everyone who voted! I honestly didn't expect more than 10/15 votes if that, when I first put the poll out. So realizing that my exception's were doubled by you guys is great, and I'm glad to see some of you guys interact with this blog. 

As for the votes themselves, Cody and Paul combined to have over half (59%) of the vote! So that's really awesome, and I'm really happy to see you guys opinion fall in line with mine when I wrote these stories.  

Shout out to those unique individuals who voted for Nate and Sven. Way to be an individual!

And I'm sure Liam would be disappointed to know that no one voted for him... but I am not so thin skinned! I hope to change some of your guys minds as I publish more stories involving Liam. 

Thank you all for voting! And I'm really excited to see if your guys opinion changes as time goes on. As per usual, I welcome any feedback. Enjoy yourselves! 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

I apologize for the inconvenience...

But I fear there will not be a not be a new story until early July at the earliest. But please, do not worry. I have every intention to return as soon as I feel comfortable doing so. And when I do start posting again, it will be on the same every other week interval until something ugly pops up on my plate. I may have some posts throughout the week, but they will not be original stories. I may post a personal favorite story, or favorite ballbusting videos, or some music, or anything else I fancy. I'll be active on my email ( as well, so feel free to send me a hey! :)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sven: The Captain

This is the last, but hopefully not least, "introduction" story about the boys from Saint Bernard High School. I really hope you guys enjoy these characters, and please leave feedback!

The blonde hunk is in his tight blue singlet that matches his eyes, about ready to take on his opponent. Sven looks his opponent over. He’s strong, brown hair and green eyes. A handsome, defined face and a huge bulge between his legs that his red singlet does little to conceal. Sven smiles a sly smile and knows he’s gonna win. The brown haired wrestler is daunted. Sven isn’t much stronger, but he is stronger. Sven isn’t much bigger, but he is bigger. And Sven’s manhood is nowhere near as large. But Sven smiles like he knows something that green eyes doesn’t. 

Sven knows he's gonna win. 

The two walk up to each other and smack each other's hands and wait for the signal. Signal comes and they circle. 

Sven licks his lips and waits. Staring at his brown haired counterpoint. Watching his body jump to the side, his muscles hug against his body, his bulge jiggles with every movement. Sven waits. 

Impatient, green eyes jumps at Sven first, going for the legs. Sven wasn't caught off guard, and caught him in a headlock. Sven puts all his pressure on his opponents head then switches positions, legs to legs and chest to back. 

Sven locks his hands, in front of the wrestlers body. He stands up and lifts his opponent off the ground, causing the brown haired wrestler to panic. The wrestler tried to shake himself free and crawl out of the hold. His hands on the floor, lifted off the ground, he tried to pull himself out. Sven expected this. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BDanManBlog is Down :(

So, the blog I've listed, BDanMan, is no longer accessible. It's been deleted, and that's very unfortunate. I loved his stories, and was looking forward to reading his new ones. Does anyone happen to know what happened? Or does anyone have any of his stories saved? I didn't get a chance to save any, as he deleted the blog without much warning. If anyone has any of them saved, I'd appreciate a share! My email is, in case it's not listed on my blog. If it's not, I really should add that somewhere. And even if you don't have any of those lovely stories saved, feel free to email me! And, don't forget to check the story I posted earlier today, between Liam and Justin! Here it is!

Liam and Justin: A Story for us Perverts

This is another introduction! This one is between the 2 friends Liam and Justin, in case you already forgot the title. In which case, it must take you awhile to get through these stories. I wouldn't want to make it any longer than necessary, enjoy. 

“Wanna swing by my place?” The ravishing red head asked his blond best friend. 

“Sure. You got any grass?” Responded the blue eyed beauty. 

“Of course man. I’m a walking dispensary.” Retorted the delicious dealer. 

“That’s what I like to hear.” Ended the interaction. 

Justin and Liam just got out of class and were walking to Liam’s car. Justin and Liam are close friends, and have been since Justin joined the wrestling team a few years back.

Justin’s the younger of the two, 16 years, but closer to 17 with each coming day. 6 foot 3 inches, strong and defined body. Muscular and a joy to look at. Dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes. Pardon my lack of eloquence, but Justin is plain fucking sexy.

And one of the few that can compete with Justin in desirability, is right next to him right now. Liam isn’t quite as tall, but his body is more than comparable. Slimmer figure, but more defined. Red hair, blue eyes. Really cute face. And he’s a drug dealer too. What more could you want from a guy?

Liam and Justin got into Liam’s car as Justin plugged in his phone into the Aux cord.