Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cody and His Family

This is the first 3rd person story I will publish! And the first NEW story you guys will read too! I'm excited to hear what you guys have to say about it, so please... let me know! Hope you guys enjoy!

Cody, like so many of us, has a family.

Cody, like so many of us, has a distaste for his family.

“Man, I fucking hate my family.”

This is Cody.

Cody is a handsome kid. Actually, calling Cody handsome might be an understatement. He’s 17 years old, and has curly hair brown. His eyes are hazel, and has very defined and very pretty eyelashes. Girls call him cute, boys call him a pretty boy. The reason for this is because he is both cute and pretty. A lot of boys are cute and pretty, but he’s above that. Cody is one of the best looking boys around, and just about anyone would agree with that. He’s just under 6 feet tall, and weighs on the higher end of 150. He doesn’t work out too much, but he’s a very satisfying body to look at, in just about any sense of the word. And Cody looks amazing in underwear, an above average cock and a well above average set of testes. Cody’s strength is his physical features.

However, Cody’s weakness is his balls.

Most families… care about the well-being of their oldest son. Most parents want the oldest son to spread their seed and give them grandchildren.

But I don’t think Cody’s family are like most families.

 Cody’s family likes to exploit his weakness.

Cody’s head is in his hands as he leans over his desk, sighing a sigh that just says he is done with this shit.

"Coming down Mother” Cody calls out as he gets up from his desk, leaving his schoolwork for later. Cody’s just wearing red basketball shorts and a white tee. He walks out of his room and walks downstairs to where his Mother's voice called from, likely the kitchen, Cody deducts.

Cody walks into the kitchen and sees his Mother looking in the fridge. His mother has blonde hair, and looks like she was once very pretty. But she’s given birth thrice, and has been worn down. She still looks good, but it’s obvious her best days are behind her. Unless you're into that sort of thing. However, Mother did give Cody his pretty hazel eyes and good looks, so her glory days live on, in a way.

“Can you go get your brother, Cody?” Mother asks, not really paying attention to Cody.

“Why didn’t you just call for Stevie, instead of call me to call him?” Cody asked annoyed

Mother closes the fridge and looks at Cody.

Cody's basketball shorts are very soft, and do little to conceal the large bulge in his pants. Cody's
looking at his mother with his hazel eyes, annoyed and questioning.

“Because I love to annoy you son” she says as sends her hand flying through the air, connecting with her son's crotch with a smack.

Cody’s eyes squint as his mouth forms in an O as he instantly sends his hands down to his groin and protects his boys from further domestic abuse.

“Fuuccckk… Why do you always do that Mom, it really hurts” Cody whines as he leans on the kitchen table with one hand, and uses his other hand to soothe the pain in his testicles.

Cody is no stranger to getting hit in the balls. It's somewhat of a family tradition to bust Cody's balls.

Each member of the family has partaken in the tradition and love to participate. The only one who
isn't a member of the... "sport" is the youngest sibling. But that's soon to change, I'm sure of it.

“Stop whining Cody, you know I hate that. Now go get your Brother.” Mother says with a smile and goes back into the fridge.

Cody stands up straight and lightly moans. He awkwardly walks away, and heads up the stairs in search of his younger brother, Stevie.

Stevie is 11, and the middle child. He looks very much like Cody when Cody was 11. Stevie is a cute little boy, who will grow into being a handsome man.

Cody knocks on his brother's door.

“Stevie?” He says aloud

He hears nothing, and knocks again.

“Stevie?” The oldest brother says louder. Still no response.

Cody slowly opens the door, and peeks inside his brothers messy, messy room. Stevie does not appear to be in his room, however it appears a tornado formed while everyone was away.

Very messy, Cody thinks to himself. 

Cody shakes his head as closes the door and walks to his parents room.

Cody knocks, then opens the door carefully.

“Ah son, me and your brother were just talking about you!” His father says as he sees his oldest enter the room. Cody’s father is lying in his bed, wearing no shirt with his jeans. He also currently has a 4 year old girl sitting on his stomach, otherwise referred to as Julie. Father is a construction worker, and isn’t very defined, but is most certainly strong. He’s a hairy body, but keeps his face shaven, because he think she looks better without facial hair.

Cody gets his brown curly hair and balls from his Father.

“Oh really, what about?” Cody says walking over to his brother Stevie, who’s standing on the floor, edge of his father's bed. Stevie looks at his big brother with a very boyish, innocent looking smile.

“Cody! I have to tell you something!” Stevie says gleefully as he runs towards his brother.

“Well, tell me Stevie, I want to hear it!” Cody says with a brotherly smile. Cody’s a good big brother. 

“You have to come close though, I don’t want Julie to hear it!”

 Julie looks at her brothers and with a huge smile and puts her hands to her ears, shaking her head. She is absolutely adorable, and looks just like her mother did when she was 4.

“All right, tell me the secret!” Cody says and puts his hand on his knees, as he bends over to put his ear closer to his brother.

Stevie cups one hand next to his brother's ear, blocking off the potentially eavesdropping 4 year old.

 Whispering, “Does it hurt, big brother?”

Before Cody could come to any conclusion whatsoever, Stevie kicks big brother in his big balls. You can hear the smack of Cody’s balls.

You can see Cody's package flatten.

You can even hear the hurt leave Cody’s mouth

Cody's basketball shorts offered absolutely no protection whatsoever.

“Oooooohhhhhh….” Cody moans in pain, as he covers his nuts, and crosses his eyes and legs. As the wave of pain radiates from his testicles, he falls backwards with a thud.

“Hahaha! I got him real good Dad, did you see?!” Stevie said jumping up in satisfaction.

“Yeah, I did! Good hit son. He’ll be feeling that for a while, haha” Dad laughs as Julie crawls over to look at her big brother in agony over the bed.

Julie sees her very good looking brother Cody, his eyes closed, hands buried between his legs. He lets out a moan, and rolls onto his side and starts coughing.

“What’s wong with big bwudder?” The 4 year old asks with a hint of concern.

“Don’t worry Julie” says Stevie. “We’re having fun, right dad?”

“That’s right sweetie, it’s okay.”

“No, don’t tell her that” Cody says from the floor with hurt in his voice.

“That’s not okay Julie, do not ever do that to a boy. You can really hurt him…” Cody says as he tries to sit up, causing another wave of pain to cripple him. Cody moans a moan of anguish, and lays back down, hands over head and legs spread out on the floor.

Cody's mound resurfaces, as he lies flat on the floor.

Father motions to Julie. “Don’t listen to Cody, he’s just angry that we’re having fun.”

Julie looks at her father, then looks down at her brother. More specifically, Julie looks at Cody's mound in his shorts.

She looks back at Daddy and smiles, nodding her head. She looks back at her brother and jumps off the bed, a leap of faith.

Faith pays off as she reaches her destination, much to the dismay of her Big Brother and his big balls as they are squished between the floor and the 4 year old’s feet.

“Good one Julie!” Stevie says, looking on in amusement

Cody’s legs spring up and as his mouth forms an O, in disbelief his sweet, sweet little sister would do this to him.

“Yaaaayyy!” Julie cheers as she jumps in place, causing further torment to her sweet Big Brother.

“Oh my god, Julie, please stop. Get off me.” Cody says sitting up.

Cody feels ill as a radiating ache washes over him. The all too familiar pain eats at him, as his innocent sister stands on his most sensitive parts, with no relief in sight. 

Julie turns around in place and sees her big brother. His face a mask of pain, eyes watery. She feels bad.

Julie leans over and gives her brother a hug.

Despite the unrelenting intensity of the pain, Cody’s heart warms at this. Cody reciprocates with a hug of his own, and lifts Julie off his aching balls with a sigh of relief.

Julie looks at her loving big brother in the eyes and asks “Are you okay, Cody?”

With forced smile, Cody responds

“I am now Julie. Just don’t do that, it really hurts...”

She nods quickly, and gives her brother another hug. Cody shoots a glare at his 2 male relatives, with a look that could kill. If looks could do anything other then convey a message, that is. Cody hugs his little sister.

“Stevie, Mom wanted you.” Cody said with venom

Stevie runs past Cody and heads downstairs. Dad lays back down, and turns on the TV.

“Wait for me!” Julie cries out, as she runs after the younger of the two brothers.

Cody closes his eyes, and lies back down.

Why do they always have to go for my balls, Cody thinks to himself, as he cradles his grade A eggs.

Later on, after dinner, Cody went to his room to do his homework. He’s still in pain, but he knows he has to do his homework.

Cody is a good kid, he really is. He tries to do well in school, he cares about his grades. He’s caring and is always one to help someone. Cody’s an ideal student, and an ideal big brother. And an ideal human being.

Stevie opens the door to his brothers room and asserts his presence.

“Cody! I need you to help me!”

Cody, looking over to his brother who just barged into his room asking for assistance.

“Don’t you think maybe I’ve things to do? I have to finish my homework first, then I’ll help you Stevie.”

“But COOOODYYYY” whined the little one

“Come on Stevie, like half an hour. I just want to finish this.” Cody said pleadingly.

“Please, Big Brother?” Stevie says with a disappointed look.

Cody looked at his younger and sighed. Cody’s too nice for his own good

“Okay, you have to promise me a few things, all right?”

His brother smiles and nods his head.

“Okay, first after I help you, I need you to leave me alone so I can do my work.”

A nod came from Stevie.

“Second, you need to remember to knock on my door. Mom and Dad won’t let me lock it, but you really should knock first when it’s closed. Privacy and all that.”

A nod.

"Say you’ll knock from now on?”

“I’ll knock from now on!”

A smile spreads across Cody’s lips.

Cody looks down, as he thinks of how to say this.

“Last one... you really hurt me earlier with that kick. That really hurts, and I don’t want you to do that anymore.  I’m still aching, and I want you to apologize for it.”

Stevie looked to the floor, then looked back up with a boyish smile.

“I’m sorry Cody”

“It’s okay Stevie." Cody says with a smile

"All right, what do you want help with?” Cody asks as he closes his books and turns his chair to face his brother with a helping expression,

“I need you to get something in my room, it’s too high up for me to get it!”

“All right, let’s go.”

With that, they walk over to Stevie's extremely disorganized room as he points into his closest.

“My controller for my Xbox is up there, can you get it?” pointing at the Xbox controller on the highest end of his closest.

“How the hell did it get up there? Did you throw it or something?” Cody says shaking his head. Maybe a tornado really didn't come through Stevie's room.

Cody walks over to the closet and reaches for the controller. He can’t quite reach, so he gets up on his tippy toes.

Like I said, Cody is a good big brother. It’s just a shame he’s wasted on such a little shit of a kid brother.

Stevie holds back a laugh and balls his fist up. He rears back, and when Cody gets the controller, he sends his fist roaring through the air, between his brothers legs and up directly into his already tender low hangers, flattening Cody's bulge.

Stevie felt his big brothers big balls compress under his fist as they travel up his legs until they could travel no more. Crushing Cody’s tender nuts against his pelvis.

Cody’s eyes bulge as once again, a familiar, yet in no way comforting feeling comes over him. A wave of dull agony comes up his abdomen and makes Cody feel ill as he collapses to the ground, groaning.

“Hahaha that felt so funny! I felt them under my hand Cody!” Stevie said looking at his fist very happily.

“Jesus Fuck… Why’d you do that…” Cody says, in a pained voice as lays there massaging his balls. Face down on the floor, both hands between his legs as they both kick, trying to relieve the misery Cody’s currently feeling.

“Because it’s funny when you get hit there big brother! You move around all funny and sometimes you make really funny noises!” Stevie says with laughter.

Cody’s cradling his testicles as he moves on his side, curls into a ball.

“I told you…” Cody interrupted himself with a fit of coughing

With tears in his eyes, “I told you not to do it again.. you promised...”

“No, you just made me apologize. You never made me promise not to do it again!” Stevie said with a sly grin, thinking himself as the smartest kid in the world

“Well don’t do it again… please. I can’t take much more… it hurts so fucking bad Stevie” Cody says with sincerity.

Cody loves his brother, he loves his family. But he can’t take this. Cody genuinely worries for permanent damage.

“NEVER!!!!” screams Stevie as he runs away, with controller in hand.

Cody lies in in a fetal position as he starts to cry as the pain refuses to subside as he feels like he’s going to throw up all over his brothers floor.

A minute or so later…

“COOODDDYY!! Come up here to my room, please!” yelled his father

A disgruntled moan leaves Cody’s mouth as he tries to push himself off the floor, hands and knees on the floor, face looking down, eyes closed.

Cody collects his breath.

Cody's eyes are still watery as the pain is still ever so present. But, time heals most things, and Cody
feels better. Still terrible, but it's bearable.

Just then a foot connects with Cody’s already larger than normal swollen danglers only protected by red basketball shorts, causing a shriek to leave Cody’s mouth as a smack echos. Cody falls under the overwhelming pain.

Protected might be too strong of a word.

Actually, it is too strong of a word.

Cody writhes on the floor, crying, moaning, groaning and otherwise making discomforting noises as he feels something much worse than discomfort. Immense pain. Cody feels like death is around the corner. There is no way a human can feel this horrible and not die. Cody can't think of anything but the terrible, ugly pain he is in. His balls are radiating wave after wave of nauseating pain. Hands down his legs, holding his throbbing testicles, the cause of all of this affliction.

Cody opens his eyes, and through his watery sight, sees his father having trouble standing from laughing so hard.

Cody’s eyes roll to the back of his head as a flood of anguish comes over him and he screams aloud into the floor.

“Don’t be such a baby Cody, Jesus…” Father says laughing and leaving the room, closing it behind him.

Crying on the floor, gagging, abused and aching on the floor. Cody wishes once again that his family had a shred of empathy.


  1. Poor Cody! Growing up in that family sure is hard... :-))

    Are we going to learn more about him? I'm pretty sure his friends have picked up some of Cody's family's habits... ;-)

  2. Living in that family isn't the only thing that's hard, I assure you :p

    And we might learn more about him. I quite like the character, I'll definitely consider bringing him back. Especially if people like him as much as I do!

  3. Yeah what a great story can't wait to learn more about his family.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I'm sure this won't be the last time we hear about Cody and his family haha.

  4. Dear Lenny,

    What a fun story! I for one would love to see more of this character and his family. I can tell from the other posts that I am not alone in my thoughts! Glad to have a new writer in the mix! Welcome!



    1. Thank you for the kind words Jimmy! I'm glad you enjoy the story, and you will read more of Cody at the very least. I assure you! :)

  5. Love it! More, please!

    1. Thank you for the response! There will be more, I assure you!

  6. I'd love a father vs son ballbusting match to see who's Man of the House... hope you'll write such a story with Cody and his Dad, or another duo. Thanks.

    1. Hmmmm... I like the idea. I'll definitely think about it, thanks for the suggestion!